Friday, September 18, 2009

Bible Contradiction I

While displaying ignorance in multiple areas, atheists demonstrate this deficiency frequently in their description of Biblical “contradictions.” What is a contradiction? A simple definition comes to us from Stanley Jevons’ Elementary Lessons in Logic, says: “Nothing can both be and not be” (1928, p. 117).

Thank God they were rescuedI was telling an atheist that on our last holiday, we watched as 23 people were rescued from a cave after they’d spent all night trapped by a avalanche. In a seperate conversation while visiting in the kitchen, my wife told the man's wife, also an atheist, that 24 people had been rescued from the cave. After hearing the different accounts, and because we’re Christians, the two atheists accused us of lying.

I guess they weren’t smart enough, or just too bigoted to put any effort into figuring out what happened.

Can you figure it out?

1 Corinthians 10:8 and Numbers 25:9.


God 777 said...

LOL it's gonna be something dumb like 24000 contains 23000. Or 1000 were killed for some other reason. It's a giggle when people try and sort out that mess...
And your bible ain't as 'textual pure' as some people like to think.

I Dig it.

Makarios said...

Ya, I've noticed that atheists treat logic as dumb quite a lot, at least when it works against their cause.

Errancy said...

One person got rescued before the night was out?

You and your wife left before the 24th person was rescued?

You arrived after the first person had been rescued?

Makarios said...

It could be any of these things. The point is, as long as there are other, plausible explanations, it isn't a contradictioin.