Monday, September 7, 2009

Why Can’t It Be Infiite?

There’s a lot of evidence, a lot of compelling evidence that shows that the universe in its present form or any previous form could not have existed from eternity past, or from infinity past. Our universe points to a beginning, a singularity, a definitive space / time boundary, a Big Bang Creation Event. So clearly does our mathematically precise universe point to a finite beginning that any of the dozens of alternative theories (meant to do away with a beginning) simply can't refute the evidence. Every theory so far proposed also requires a definitive space / time boundary and thus fails in its attempt to do away with the need for a Cause, a Cause that existed outside of and prior to the creation of space, time and matter.

This evidence just ricochets off of atheist brains like bullets bouncing off of Superman's chest. You can present this evidence to a single atheist a thousand times (I think I’m close to that marker) and it doesn’t even make a dent. Nothing. They’ll just ask over and over and over, “But why can’t matter have existed forever?” Talking to atheists about this is almost as amusing as noticing that while bullets bounce off of Superman, he ducks and weaves to avoid being hit by a gun that's been thrown at him.

Once piece of evidence that points to a finite beginning is the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics.

Atheist Astronomer Arthur Eddington:
“ The Law that entropy increases - the Second Law of Thermodynamics - holds, I think, the supreme position among the laws of Nature. If someone points out to you that your pet theory of the universe is in disagreement with Maxwell’s equations - then so much for Maxwell’s equations. If it is found to be contradicted by observation - well, these experiments do bungle things sometimes. But if your theory is found to be against the Second Law of Thermodynamics I can give you no hope; there is nothing for it but to collapse in deepest humiliation.”

Ah, me. Because the only antidote to a Supernatural Cause for the beginning of the universe is matter existing from infinity, well, atheists know no such humiliation. They just repeat the mantra, "Matter must be eternal. Matter must be eternal." Anything, even space aliens is a more acceptable idea to atheists than the universe requiring a Supernatural Cause for its beginning.

Nevertheless, a beginning IS what the universe had and that beginning requires a Cause. It requires a Cause that existed outside of and prior to matter, space and time and the laws of physics.

The beauty of the second law is that it’s so simple for average people like me to understand. The Second Law of Thermodynamics is also called the Law of Entropy which is a way of saying that nature tends to bring things from order to disorder. Obviously, if we are moving from order to disorder, and if the universe was infinitely old, the universe would already be dead and in complete disorder and complete decay. The universe would be cold and dark. Science knows that we’re moving in that direction but it also knows that we’re a long, long, very long way from the end. Atheist Astronomer Robert Jastrow compares our universe to a wind-up clock. "The fact that it’s winding down proves that at some point, someone wound it up."

Our universe is like a vehicle that began with a full tank of gas / energy. While you’re driving around the energy is simply being converted to another form of matter. However, the very fact that you’re still driving around shows that your journey began a finite time ago - otherwise you’d be out of fuel. As with a flashlight, the lights in the universe were not turned on an infinite amount of time ago. They are still glowing strong and clear signalling to us, that while it’s obvious Someone flipped the switch, He did it just a relatively short time ago.


Flute said...

Disorder and entropy are not the same.
The second law of thermodynamics applies universally, but, as everyone can see, that does not mean that everything everywhere is always breaking down. The second law allows local decreases in entropy offset by increases elsewhere. The second law does not say that order from disorder is impossible; in fact, as anyone can see, order from disorder happens all the time.

The maximum entropy of a closed system of fixed volume is constant, but because the universe is expanding, its maximum entropy is ever increasing, giving ever more room for order to form.

God 777 said...

"Past". "The past". "Previous".
What do these words mean BEFORE time? And what does "before" mean without time?
Yes. I created time and the universe. But what I was doing before that, who knows? Am I really omnipotent? Why are there things I can not do? Am I really omnisciencant? How do I know? Is there something outside me? And how can I tell? I feel like I fill the universe... but what is there anything outside me? Where is MY god? I say I have a son... but he's also me... WHERE DO I COME FROM? I exist. But why?

Makarios said...

Flute dear, did you just have a powerful need to talk or is there a point in there? Are you suggesting that the 2nd law DOESN'T point to a beginning?

god - if you were God you'd know the answers to those questions. A human not knowing the answers does not mean "No God."

Rabhimself said...

Likewise, a human not knowing the answer, does not mean "God".

Makarios said...

I didn't say that it does Rahab. I'm just going where the evidence points.

God 777 said...

I am God of the Gaps.

Rabhimself said...

No you are not, you are going where you want to point.

There is no evidence for god.

All you constantly present is a philosophical argument on the basis of something coming from nothing.

I work in a building full of scientists and none of them are willing to state that the 'evidence' points towards a creator.

Makarios said...

And Jesus said, "Even when I rise from the dead, there will be some who won't believe."

salvage said...

>And Jesus said, "Even when I rise from the dead, there will be some who won't believe."

And someone with sense said "Well that's because that sort of thing doesn't happen Jesus. Hey when you do come back from the dead why don't you go to the temple and claim it for your Father? Imagine it, you're standing there, bleeding from your wounds, the Roman who crucified you starting in rapt awe at your return, the Pharmacies rendering their garments in despair for attacking the Messiah. It will be so dramatic and will establish you as the one true God for all time! Then you can rule and bring peace and harmony to all of your Father's creation."

Jesus thought about it for a moment and then said "Naaaah, it's better that I just show up to a few people in dreams and then just scamper off to heaven without leaving any sort of clear unambiguous direction as to what happens next. You lot can work it out amongst yourselves no problem."

Then some 2,000 years of war, death, plague, famine etc.

That's some pretty clever gods you have there Mak, pretty clever.