Monday, September 7, 2009

Christian Morality / Atheist Morality

When one gives up the Christian faith, one pulls the right to Christian morality from under one’s feet.

(Twilight of the Gods: Friedrich Nietzsche)


Robert Head said...

Pray tell: what is 'Christian' morality, exactly?

The Atheist Missionary said...

Religion differs from morality or a moral system in that it includes stories, usually about supernatural beings, that are used to explain or justify the behavior that it prohibits or requires. There is often a considerable overlap in the conduct prohibited or required by religion and that prohibited or required by morality, but religions always prohibit or require more than is prohibited or required by guides to behavior that are explicitly labeled as moral guides. Sometimes morality is regarded as the code of conduct that is put forward by religion, but even when this is not the case, morality is thought by many to need some religious justification. However, just as with law, some religious practices and precepts are criticized on moral grounds, e.g., discrimination on the basis of race, gender, or sexual orientation. Morality is only a guide to conduct, whereas religion is always more than this.

Standard Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

i.e. There is no such thing as Christian morality. It is a figment of their imagination. However, as noted above, Christian immorality is alive and well.

Makarios said...

Christian morality is based on and originates from the teaching and manner of living demontrated by Jesus of Nazareth who is the Christ or Messiah / Saviour.

Makarios said...

I forgot to say that Nietzsche didn't like Christian morality because in his mind, as with all atheists, it prolongs and aides the lives of the weak and the needy. As atheists know, that simply dilutes the gene pool and makes survival for all more precarious.

atlasmann said...

Slavery, The Crusades, The Inquisition. Regardless of any delusional ideas you may have concerning Atheist Morality, where was your Christian Morality the past 2000 years? Better yet, where was your God when the innocent, weak and needy prayed for help?

God 777 said...

Christian morality is do what I say or be punished. Fear me, I can throw you into the pit of fire!

Basically I treat everyone like four-year olds. (Expect I throw 'em in a lake of fire if you disobey)

salvage said...

So it's moral to throw people in Hell for not loving your god?

How's that make any sense?

Was it moral for the Catholics to burn Protestants? What is moral for the Protestants to burn the Catholics?

People are moral or immoral their religion notwithstanding.

Makarios said...

You guys are looking in the wrong direction.

Christian morality is based on and originates from the teaching and manner of living demontrated by Jesus of Nazareth who is the Christ / Messiah / Saviour.

If you look at me, you're going to see failure and corruption. If you look to Jesus, you'll see the Way to salvation.

JD Curtis said...

Christian morality is do what I say or be punished. Fear me, I can throw you into the pit of fire!

So completely stupid that it doesnt even register as a coherent arguement. Have you even bothered to read up on Christianity before criticizing it?

God 777 said...

Read it? I invented it.

salvage said...

Ah JD Curtis another species of theist, the "That's not my god!" kind.

It's like pointing out to someone there's a huge bee sitting on their nose and they don't believe you, so you hold up a mirror to their face and they declare, "Why that's not my face because my face doesn't have a bee on it. You're mirror is distorting the whole thing!"

They never actually specifically say what you've gotten wrong of course.

So if you say "The Christian god sacrificed himself to himself so he wouldn't wrath his creation for behaving exactly how he made them / knew how they were going to be."

They say "You just don't understand!" without ever detailing what we've gotten wrong.

atlasmann said...

Makarios, I look for Him every single day where He has the field to Himself and all I see is war, drought, famine, rape, torture, murder and the terminally ill suffering alone while in other places He gets all the praise and glory for the actions of regular people doing His work for Him.
Sorry but your God is either impotent or evil and your Christian Morality is a delusion.

Davis said...

just because you look at the world and see a rotting death hole doesnt mean you should spread your illness to the glass that is half full. People do bad things, god is above people.

Makarios said...

That is so typically atheist - Crisis? What crisis? I don’t see a crisis. Oh you mean the one billion people who don’t have clean drinking water and who go day in and day out without proper nutrition. But that’s so glass half empty. I like to focus on the fact that I have more than I need of everything, and THAT’s a glass half full my friend. As long as this phenotype is good the world is good.