Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bible Contradiction III

While displaying ignorance in multiple areas, atheists demonstrate this deficiency frequently in their description of Biblical “contradictions.” What is a contradiction? A simple definition comes to us from Stanley Jevons’ Elementary Lessons in Logic, says: “Nothing can both be and not be” (1928, p. 117).

The Sounds of Silence
Trent, Zachariah, and Emily went downtown to get some things for their new apartment. Being students, they didn’t have a lot of money. However they did find some items on sale and one in particular blew them away. They were looking at some vases and fake plants. The cost was beyond what they could afford but they really wanted the items. The plants came to 85 dollars. The vase were a 160 dollars each. And a clock for the wall was 43 dollars. When the cashier rang up the total, it came to 123 dollars. All three of them looked at each other waiting for the clerk to catch her mistake. Nothing. She just packed up the stuff and took the cash.

As they left the store they could hardly believe their luck. They left the store without saying anything to anyone. A few days later Trent, Zach and Emily were in the bar spending the evening with friends. They were surprised when their friends got on their case for stealing from the store.

What’s the deal with this story? I thought in one place that it said they didn’t say “anything to anyone.”

Matthew 28:8 / Luke 24:9 / Mark 16:8

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