Saturday, September 19, 2009

Bible Contradiction II

While displaying ignorance in multiple areas, atheists demonstrate this deficiency frequently in their description of Biblical “contradictions.” What is a contradiction? A simple definition comes to us from Stanley Jevons’ Elementary Lessons in Logic, says: “Nothing can both be and not be” (1928, p. 117).

It's Very Good
There once was a Christian named Sal. He was a welder and generally good with tools. He built a go-cart for his son. Every evening for three weeks, Sal worked in his shop, cutting, welding, piecing together the tubular metal. Finally Sal installed the engine and steering assembly. When it was finished, Sal stepped back and looked at what he had done. He was very pleased and remarked to his atheist neighbour who’d come over to see how the project was going, “This is good. I did a good job.”

One day, about a month after getting his new toy, the boy failed to notice a wire meant to act as a guide for a fence the neighbour was building. Going full speed, Sal’s son hit the wire, slicing open his neck. He died before Sal could get him to the hospital.

At the food market several months later, Sal’s atheist neighbour heard Sal telling a friend that he was very sad he’d made the go-cart. “That’s a lie!” the atheist cried. “You told me that building that go-cart was very good.”

Was it a lie, as atheists say?

Genesis 1:31 and Genesis 6:5-6


Rabhimself said...

Sal finishes the go-kart and is pleased with his work, he's done a good job of it.

His son dies on it, and is then saddened that he built it in the first place.

That does not mean that he didn't make a good job of the go-kart.

Both statements by Sal, even after the death of his son can be completely valid simultaneously you ass-hat.

He is sad he built it, because his son died on it, but he still did a good job of making it.

Bravo, Mak.

God 777 said...

Is Sal all-powerful and all-knowing? (Of course I already know the answer)

Makarios said...

Ah 7 you are several degrees quicker than dear Rab who is losing his edge due to advancing age I suspect.

I cower ever so slightly in your presence 7. Of course, fear is only appropriate.

ryan said...

Paper tiger anyone?

Rabhimself said...

Then please, enlighten poor slow Rab.

Am i right - both comments can be valid - or am i not?


Makarios said...

Well, that's an interesting question Rab my friend.

Funny then, how when the same scenario is transferred to the Bible, atheists cry "Contradiction! Contradiction! The Bible is unbelievable because in one place it says that God was pleased with His creation and in another place it says that He's sad that He made it. Contradiction!"

Rabhimself said...

I personally don't find that a contradiction Mak, you really ought to stop tarring us all with the same brush.

You infer i don't understand your story, when really i've pointed out a flaw in it you can't explain.

What i would say about god and his creation, however, is that it if it does say that, then it is exceedingly stupid.

He is supposedly omniscient, so knows what is going to happen, yet makes us anyway, and then throws a hissy fit when we turn out the way he knew we would. Highly illogical.

The contradictions i find puzzling are more along the lines of -

Man was created after the other animals
Gen 1:25,26,27

Man was created before the other animals
Gen 2:18,19

And others of the like.

Care to explain that?

Makarios said...

Of course you can't find the contradiction. There isn't one. But that doesn't stop atheists from claiming there is one.

God says in the Genesis 1 that what He has made is very good. Who knows how many years later, in Genesis 6, when the world was as evil as the days in which we are now living (which He also says that He is going to destroy), He says that He is sad over the state of the world.

No different than the story that I made up but a contradiction in the eyes of “many” atheists nevertheless.

“And then throws a hissy fit when we turn out the way he knew we would.”

What makes you think He did it in a hissy fit? Judges don’t throw fits when they hand out punishment? They just do their job.

"Care to explain that?"

Ya, I’m going to - soon

Rabhimself said...

You can't explain it Makarios, and that is the problem.

I've went and checked it, and it's there, it really does claim that in one instance he created man before the other animals, and in the other he created them afterwards.

There is no way around this. What can you possibly say?