Monday, September 7, 2009

Give Me A Drink

No single person in all of history has or still does impact the world as Jesus does. Profoundly, permanently and most of all personally, Jesus brings about positive change in a person.

Isn't it weird how in our pre Christian days, we were actually afraid of that? I can't remember what her name is but someone once wrote, in regard to our fear of entering into a healed relationship with Jesus,

"I came to you
Crawling across the desert of my life.
I lifted my tin cup to You
Hoping you would spare a drop.

If I had known You then as I
Know You now,
I would have come running
With a large bucket in
Each hand."

Mmm, so true.

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salvage said...

>No single person in all of history has or still does impact the world as Jesus does.


You do know that in the full width and breadth of world religion's that Christianity isn't the biggest, the oldest or even particularly original? That all of its elements can be traced back to older religions? That the philosophy that Jesus espoused can be found in older works?

The man who invested the elevator has had more impact on human development and progress than Jesus did.

Now if you want to talk war, well then you might have a case. From the crusades to the religious wars of the early modern age your Jesus has certainly inspired or at least motivated a lot of bloodshed.

Is it in interesting that Europe is enjoying a rather long stretch of peace and it seems to coincide with their increased secularization. In fact the last local war they say was the Balkans.

Guess what the motivating factor in that mess was about?

No, Jesus was just another mythical being and rather silly one.