Saturday, September 19, 2009

Atheist Crusades?

Not a chance. Atheists have always gotten a lot of traction out of bringing up the Crusades. At first glance it seems with good reason.

Within a decade or two, every non Muslim in the world, except atheists will be clamouring for another push back. For in reality, that’s what the Crusades were. They were a push back from the sane ones in response to the insane ideology of Islam to conquer the world for Mohamed.

Anyone who thinks that Islamo fascists are going to dial it back if only we say “Please” is seriously deluded. A confrontation, a push back is coming. In 500 years they may call the impending confrontation a Crusade.

It’s going to be the world against Islam.

It’s going to be lovers of freedom against Islam.

OR, as is happening in EVERY country where atheists are squeezing out Christians, in every country where atheism is becoming the state ideology it will be capitulation to Islam. For atheists are the most cowardly humans on earth; beating up those they can, and rolling over for those who are willing to use force against them.


Paul P. Mealing said...

This is so provocative, it borders on xenophobia, actually.

As an ex-Prime Minister of Australia, Malcolm Fraser, once said: 'All evil arises from assigning all of a society's ills to one group of people.'

Be very careful what you say Makarios - you are very close to inciting religious hatred.

Yes, a war could start between Muslim fundamentalists and Christian fundamentalists with normal secular society caught in the middle. This scenario would suit both sides.

When you have a dispute or conflict between 2 groups who see no moderation, then it's only moderates who can broker a peace. The fundamentalists would have war without end, because they would only be satisfied by the annihilation of the other.

This is the dumbest post you have written. And the sad part is you are unaware just how dumb, and how dangerous, it is.

Regards, Paul.

The Atheist Missionary said...

Paul, I assure you that you can find dumber posts than this one if you care to look.

Makarios said...

Ah, isn't that cute? Little Red Riding Hood goes out for another walk. The man with the ax isn't going to be able to rescue you this time honey.

His Lordship said...

"For atheists are the most cowardly humans on earth; beating up those they can, and rolling over for those who are willing to use force against them. "

Sir, this is ignorant and insulting. If an atheist said the same thing about Christians, it would be called bigotry.

For your information, I will not roll over for anybody; Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, agnostic, or even an other atheist. I am a free man, a free-thinker, and I am not afraid to stand up for myself and for my rights.

Makarios said...

Good for you. I guess the atheists of Europe have evolved into a different species than the one on your block.

Paul P. Mealing said...

Makarios, don't you know that Jews, Christians and Muslims are all supposed to believe in the same 'God'? That you are all 'people of the Book'? That you are all 'Children of Abraham?'

You are not that ignorant, surely?

Regards, Paul.

Makarios said...

Did you know that in the Bible, the word love is used almost 400 times and about 75% of those times it’s talking about God’s love for us?

And did you know that in the Quran, the word love in not used even once, not one single time to describe Allah?

God in the Bible is described as a personal, knowable God who is intensely interested in the joy and the well-being of you the individual.

The Quran describes Allah as distant and unknowable.

The Bible teaches that God loves everyone equally, even enemies and sinners. In fact the whole purpose of Jesus coming to earth was to make peace with his enemies and to invite them to an eternal home in the presence of God’s Love.

The Quran teaches that Allah loves only faithful Muslims. The Quran teaches that Allah hates sinners and infidels. In fact the Quran teaches that Allah hates them so much that faithful Muslims are encouraged to kill infidels “where ever they may be found.”

The Bible teaches that through Jesus and because of His love we can have assurance of salvation.

The Quran teaches that while only Muslims will have salvation, no individual Muslim can know if s/he will be saved.

The faithful Muslim can only hope that Allah will find h/her worthy of paradise. In fact the only way for a Muslim to be guaranteed paradise is to die while killing non Muslims.

Unlike Christianity, there is no Saviour in Islam and no promise of salvation. Unlike Christianity, Islam has no means of or basis for forgiveness.

Perhaps most relevant to our time is the difference between Islam and Christianity regarding the term martyr. In Christianity a martyr is someone who is killed by others for what s/he believes.

In Islam a martyr is someone who dies while killing others because they don't believe what the Muslim, believes.

Christianity and Islam, God and Allah do they sound alike to you?

Paul P. Mealing said...

I've made my point previously that everyone's idea of God is different, but the Judaic, Christian, Muslim God all have the same origin so they supposedly all worship the same God. You are merely demonstrating what I said before, that everyone, including you, has their own idea of God.

There are many others who take a different interpretation of the Qu'ran even as there are many who have different interpretations of the Bible. Everyone interprets it in the way that justifies their own particular prejudices, as you've just demonstrated to me.

But what about the genocidal nature of the Biblical God? Let's face it, he wipes out all of humanity except one family at one point. You seem to ignore that. And how do you address the fact that all the destructive acts in the Bible are done by God, not Satan? Even in the case of Job, all the causes of Job's misfortune were caused by God, not Satan, just to win a bet with Satan. In other words, God punished Job in response to a 'dare' from Satan. Not a good role model I would suggest.

Regards, Paul.