Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Reading Women

I enjoy reading books that have been authored by women, far more than books written by men. Women see life from angles seemingly hidden to men. They understand life from a totally foreign perspective. Most often, at least to me, this perspective makes more sense than if a man had tried to explain it. Women seem - unknowable, fascinating, frustrating.

My wife and I have been together for a bit over 41 years and married for almost 36. If you asked, “Do you understand your wife?” I’d have to say, “Sorta.” Yet several times a year I discover parts of her nature that are new and exciting. She’s intelligent and intuitive. Courageous - more courageous that me, more courageous than anyone I’ve ever met, actually. When the task of raising these children comes to the point where she says, “I can’t do this,” she does it anyway. She loves. She's compassionate. She's determined. She's strong, strong, strong.


PersonalFailure said...

That's really sweet, Makarios.

Makarios said...

Oh, you know, once in awhile.