Tuesday, September 8, 2009

"Eugenic sterilization is an urgent need . We must prevent multiplication of this bad stock." atheist Margaret Sanger, Birth Control Review.


Glen20 said...

She wrote that in the early 1930's.

People were saying things like that even ealier:
Theodore Roosevelt-
"Criminals should be sterilized and feebleminded persons forbidden to leave offspring behind them… The emphasis should be laid on getting desirable people to breed…"

What's the point? Do you think birth control leads to eugenics? You didn't like Margaret's work AGAINST abortion and FOR birth control?

salvage said...

"[Slavery] was established by decree of Almighty God...it is sanctioned in the Bible, in both Testaments, from Genesis to Revelation...it has existed in all ages, has been found among the people of the highest civilization, and in nations of the highest proficiency in the arts."

Jefferson Davis, President, Confederate States of America

Yes, yes, he wasn't a TRUE Christian, they only say / do good things, anyone who says / does bad things isn't a Christian and has got it all wrong.

But for some reason that double standard doesn't apply to anyone else.

Why is that Mak?

Makarios said...

Because that's the way we are - hypocrites to the core. There is such an abundance of information on the subject that I feel weary just thinking about entering a discussion about Biblical slavery. Let me just say that the difference between how it was and American style slavery resembles the difference betwen night and day. Did people corrupt it? Obviously. It that the fault of anyone but us? Hardly.

salvage said...

Ahahah! Yes! Slavery back in the Biblical times was much nicer than the modern version!

No, not really. It was much worse in fact.

But that's not the point of this thread, the point is you posting these quotes as if they somehow prove a point and they do not.

But please keep up this "True Scotsman" defense, it's cute.