Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Why Can’t It Be Infinite? IV

We’ve already seen that the:
2nd Law of Thermodynamics, and
Expansion of the universe, and
Background Cosmic Radiation emphatically and conclusively point to a definitive space / time boundary, a Big Bang Creation Event.

It's been proven beyond a reasonable doubt that none of the speculative theories, dreamed up to avoid a beginning are workable. Still atheists persist in saying things like, "Well I like the Black Hole Hypothesis," or "I think the Parallel Universe theory works." They don't work. They can't work. They been conclusively proven to be unworkable. Any theory that is dealing with an expanding universe must have a Big Bang type of Singularity. It's a fact. Yet the atheist persists in hoping against hope that it's not true. For if the universe had a cause, then atheism is not true.

Something else that Big Bang cosmology predicted, was that IF there really had been a singularity there should be “ripples” in the temperature of the background radiation. These ripples would resemble the prints on the tips of your fingers. It’s these ripples that allowed our cosmos to form, to congeal into galaxies.

NASA sent into space what was called the Cosmic Background Explorer or COBE. And what did it find? These ripples were exactly as Big Bang cosmology predicted they would be. In referring to this discovery, Hawking stated, “[This is] the most important discovery of the century, if not of all time.” Astrophysicist Michael Turner, “The significance of this discovery cannot be overstated. They have found the Holy Grail of Cosmology.” Astronomer George Smoot, “These ripples are like looking at the finger prints of God.”

So precise were these ripples and their temperature predictions, this is what Stephen Hawking was referring to when he said that the chances of our universe coming into being by accident to be 1 chance in 10 ^ 1,230. If they had been off in either direction by an infinitesimal degree, neither we nor the universe would be here.

Atheists will look at that and then tell you that large numbers don’t really mean anything. What else can they say? Don’t believe them. This is an astounding, incomprehensible number. In fact, scientists place the term “impossible” on any probability greater than 10 ^ 50. The creation of our universe was not an accident. Again, Smoot, “[these ripples are] the machining marks from the creation of the universe.”

Because we are looking at something that took place 14 billion years ago, scientists call these ripples, “the seeds of the universe.” These seeds are the largest structures ever detected, with the largest extending across 10 billion light years. That’s a third of the known universe.

If the universe had not had a singularity, if it had not come from a Big Bang Creation Event, these Galaxy Seeds or fingerprints would not exist.

This is yet one more reason why the universe cannot be infinite.

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salvage said...

Took place 14 billion years ago?

Excuse me but your Bible makes it clear that it happened 6,000 years ago and only took six days and on the seventh god rested.

Why does a god need rest?