Monday, September 21, 2009

Bible Contradiction V

While displaying ignorance in multiple areas, atheists demonstrate this deficiency frequently in their description of Biblical “contradictions.” What is a contradiction? A simple definition comes to us from Stanley Jevons’ Elementary Lessons in Logic, says: “Nothing can both be and not be” (1928, p. 117).

Zedge said it!
Rab said, “I heard Zedge say, “No, we do not know what didn't cause it.””

TAM said, “I heard Zedge say, “I'll be closer to the truth than you.””

RAB and TAM can’t both be right. Or can they?

Zedge's comment - “No, we do not know what didn't cause it. You are obviously under the false impression that we know all there is to know about the laws of physics. You say that the big bang could not have been “matter or anything natural under the "command" of the laws of physics.” Well guess what; we ain't that smart yet! We have not figured out all the laws of physics , that by no means indicates that some heretofore unknown laws of physics are not at work! I can't prove that any more than you can prove the supernatural. I bet that given time though; I'll be closer to the truth than you.”

Maybe you can understand it but when atheists run into a similar problem in the Bible, they cry, "Contradiction! Contradiction! These two authors don't match in their stories and that means that the Bible can't be trusted."

Matthew 14:21 / Mark 6:44;

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The Atheist Missionary said...

Mak, hug your Bible 'til your dying breath. The fact that you admit belief in fairy tales (Noah's Ark remains my favorite) will forever leave you on the fringe of any reasoned debate about whether your supposed Creator actually exists. If he/she/it exists, I have no doubt that they are laughing at you or, more likely, FIP (i.e. face in palm).