Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Honest / Dishonest; Safe / Unsafe

- The most dangerous Christian is the dishonest Christian; the one who's doing evil in the name of Jesus. Fortunately the things he does can be clearly shown to go against the very teachings of the One he claims to follow.

- The most dangerous atheist is the honest atheist; the Atheist who lives out the logical conclusions of the absurd, meaningless existence of atheism. Eg. Atheist high-school killers, Fascist / Social Darwinist Governments, Serial killers like Jeffrey Dahmer and atheist philosophers like Peter Singer

- The safest Christian is the honest Christian who lives by the teaching and example of the One he claims to follow, Jesus the Christ

- The safest atheist is the dishonest atheist who attributes meaning and morals to his life by following the teaching and example of Jesus the Christ.


Jesus Will Save said...

This kind of thinking is dangerous.
It sounds like you are getting closer to saying all athiests should be put into death camps.
How many evils have started with propaganda like - The Other is dangerous. Soon it's - The Other must be imprisioned for out safety. How many more times can we let this happen?

salvage said...

Ah yes, the "No True Scotsman" argument, favored by your kind.

Makarios said...

Did I say that? All I said was show me someone who is doing evil, even in the name of Jesus, and I'll show you Chapter and verse how s/he is not following the One s/he claims to be following.

salvage said...

Yes, yes you did and they will show you Chapter and Verse how s/he is following the One S/he claims to be following.

The Bible approves of slavery, Jesus certainly said nothing against it and it would be some 1800 years after Jesus before it would be outlawed.

The Bible approves of genocide in your god's name as well.

See that's what makes religion the mind-virus it is, no matter what you want the answer to be you can find it in the Bible or any other "holy" scripture. A virus survives by adapting to the environment of whatever its infecting.

It's simple, Europe has for the last 1600 years or so has been a completely Christian contient and in that 1600 years how much war has there been? So I guess you'd say none of those kings, queens, dukes, barons, inquisitors, crusaders and all the other war-mongers weren't Christians? What do you think they would say to that?

Cut your head off / burn you at the stake for heresy is my wager.

Or do you know nothing of the "Divine right of Kings" and where political power came from in that time?