Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I don't know if this will work

I'm not sure if this can work in print but it was really funny at the time so I'm going to try.

I was a a party a bit ago - loud - really loud. This guy whose name I didn't know motioned with his hand for me to come closer. I leaned across the table. He leaned across the table and said, "Do you know how to sell a pig to a deaf person?"

I indicated that I didn't, so he leaned forward a little more and bellowed, to the point of making his face red, his eyes bugged out, and his head bobbed up and down in cadence with the words,


Perhaps you had to be there, but it still makes me laugh.


PanZagloba said...

Why should the other guy not listen to me?

PersonalFailure said...

I'm going with had to be there, and the entire deaf community would be both pissed off and very fatigued by this.

Makarios said...

Well, the guy's an atheist so don't set your expectations too high or else your disappointment will be too great.

You think that's offensive? Hmmm.

Makarios said...

You really think that's offensive.

Well I've just got a furrowed brow over that.

JD Curtis said...

PF is just being hissy Mak.

One time a guy asked me, "What did the elephant say to the hunter after the hunter cut off his trunk?' I replied "I dunno" to which he said in mumbled English, "Wot didj joo do at for?" while sucking his lips in and making his face as flat as possible. Perhaps it doesnt work in print like in person but the likelihood of pissing off muted elephants is probably quite low.

His Lordship said...

I have to tell that one at work tomorrow!