Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Why Can’t It Be Infinite? II

No matter how many times you explain to atheists that Big Bang cosmology points to a singularity that brought into existence space, time and matter itself, the metaphysical implications of such an event causes atheists to ask, ad nauseam, “Why can’t matter be infinite?”

Well, yesterday I showed that the Second Law of Thermodynamics closes the door on that option. Today I want to look at another fact that points to our universe having a finite beginning.

Remember the watch analogy from yesterday? If a watch is winding down, that means that it was once wound up? It’s the same principle here. If the universe is rushing outwards, if space itself is expanding outwards, that means that at one time it came FROM the opposite direction. The expansion of the universe, like the Second Law of Thermodynamics is an established fact. There is no disputing it. But what does this expansion mean?

It means that at some point in the finite past, the universe had a beginning. That means that if we could watch this expansion in reverse, logically and mathematically we would reach a time when there wasn’t any space, time or matter. There was NOTHING.

As we all know, not everyone on the internet presents themselves as they actually are. Yes it’s true. Some people lie. A couple days ago, I was talking to an atheist who presents himself as a nuclear physicist. The nuclear physicist business must be kinda slow because right now he’s tutoring kids on the computer. Anyhow, this guy tried to get away with saying on his blog that prior to the singularity, the universe was a tiny, tiny speck that weighed around twenty pounds. Readers of his blog were actually letting him get away with this. They were believing it because, well, atheists don’t need God in order to be moral people who wouldn’t lie. When I asked him, “So where was this tiny speck of matter?” he answered, “Well, “it’s kind of complicated, but there must have been just a tiny bit of space around it.”

O Lord, what are we going to do with the genius of atheism?

In reality, at one point there was literally nothing -
No Space,
No Time,
No Matter.
And then there was everything.

All scientific evidence in this area, all observable and mathematical evidence in this area confirms this fact. Atheists hate this fact and for good reason. The law of cause and effect disallows the only alternative available to those who deny the Supernatural. That alternative to which atheists must cling says,

“Everything came from nothing without a cause. It just happened.”

Science at its base is the search for Cause. Yet atheists are forced to deny this. Nothing means No Thing. Atheists would have you believe that No Thing, took No Thing and made Every Thing.

Again, and contrary to what atheists would have you believe, it is undeniable that everything had literally nothing from which to come. No space, no time, no matter.

author Anthony Kenny:
“According to the Big Bang Theory the whole matter of the universe began to exist at a particular time in the remote past. A proponent of such a theory, at least if he is an atheist, must believe that the matter of the universe came from nothing and by nothing.”

It’s preposterous and absurd to maintain one’s faith in atheism.
Matter is not infinite.
Matter had a beginning.
Matter had a Cause.


Rabhimself said...

Mak, i was just pointing out that i believe Hawking's theory of how the big bang begun could imply that the matter was inside a black hole.

How that matter got there, i don't know.

And i see, yet again, you cling to this argument, insisting that everything came out of nothing.

As much as you like to present the case like that, i'm sure it isn't that simple.

You can claim that all evidence suggests things exactly as you have described, but according to the physicists in the department next to me, they claim that very little is known about the earliest moments of our universe's history.

Do you have adegree in physics by the way?

I've addressed this before, you talk like you are an expert - are you?

Makarios said...

This is not MY theory! This is not a Christian or a Biblical theory. This is Big Bang cosmology and it is the only theory that coheres with the evidence as we know it to exist.

You don't need to be taking this personally. There are probably other atheists whose bias keeps them from accepting the evidence as is. I'm going to finish this series with a few more points that confirm Big Bang Creation Event in case someone is interested in learning.

It isn't my fault that what science finds to be true matches what the Bible says happened. That's just the way life goes some times.

God 777 said...

What all you non-believers in Me are missing is the point. If you athiests can't personally explain something that means I did it with my magic.

salvage said...

>Matter is not infinite.

Could be. Doesn't mean that there are gods or that your particular brand of god is real.

>Matter had a beginning.

Could be. Doesn't mean that there are gods or that your particular brand of god is real.

>Matter had a Cause.

Could be. Doesn't mean that there are gods or that your particular brand of god is real.

The real problem here is that you take those positions not because you are convinced by the math or some other intelligent reasons but because you think they somehow make your god more likely.

They do not. It all could have started through a series of reactions that still remain beyond our observations.

See this is anti-science your indulging in; you have the answer you like (there is a god who loves me and shares my cultural and personal beliefs) so you selectively champion the evidence to supports it. Anything that degrades your answer is vigorously ignored or debunked with a skepticism that you would never, ever apply to any evidence that goes against the answer you like.

That of course is the antithesis of finding truth.

This why one can safely call religion a delusion without fear of hyperbole.

>It’s preposterous and absurd to maintain one’s faith in atheism.

It’s preposterous and absurd to maintain one’s faith in Zeus.

It’s preposterous and absurd to maintain one’s faith in Odin.

It’s preposterous and absurd to maintain one’s faith in crystals.

It’s preposterous and absurd to maintain one’s faith in Scientology.

Atheism however takes no faith, we are born atheists, it's believing all that nonsense that takes "faith".

The big bang could be as wrong as the Greeks, notably Aristotle, were with their goofy "celestial spheres" theory of planetary orbit.

Now Ari was a smart guy, he even ripped Plato and Socrates a few new ones but when it came to astronomy he was Kentucky stupid. But not his fault he could only work his wonderful brain with what he had and as far as that goes it was at least a start to the truth.

So working with what we have and the scientific method (the same one that eventually figured out what was really going on with the solar system) we will eventually figure it out, it may take a few thousand years or it could happen next week but if there is an answer we will find it.

And it will be The Truth because science loves self-correcting. Nothing makes a scientist hornier than demolishing a theory. They're like kids with an anthill, a magnifying glass and firecrackers. For a great example of this check out the crapstorm that went on around the "volcanic vent theory of the origins of life".

Nerds can be pretty brutal when it comes to that stuff.

Science, that's my faith and while it is based on what I wish would happen it's likely it will because we are the smartest monkeys in the universe and we are going to take it apart quirk by quark until we know what it had for breakfast day 2 of existence.

Your faith is based on the combination of myths and ancient Roman Pagan.

So you're being very silly right from the start.

And if you like I will put my "miracles" up against your god's any day.

Jesus: Walked on water.

Science: Walked on Moon.

1 nothing for science.

Jesus: Turned water into wine.

Science: Marijuana into hydroponic.


Jesus: Cured a handful of lepers.

Science: Cured polio, hell killed polio.

Science gets a hat-trick.

Jesus: Raised Lazarus from the dead.

Science: Doubled the average life expectancy for all human beings.

Science gets it with quantity over quality, uh oh looking like a shut out...

Jesus: Fed a wedding party some fish and bread.

Science: Has bio-engineered crops that have fed countless millions, famine as we know it today could be eliminated if certain countries could be stabilized politically.

Science wins again!

So, really, it's you who needs the faith, my "god" delivers, even gets me stuff I didn't know I needed like Blackberrys, Xboxes, iPods and eventually robotic maids and flying cars.

Makarios said...

Actually you don't need any of those things. What you do need is salvation, forgiveness, love, and peace and a joy than is impervious to the hardships of life.

Let's see science provide those things for you.

salvage said...

>Actually you don't need any of those things.

Oh yeah? Let's see you go a day without it. Your kids, they immunized? They go see the doctor? They drink processed water from the tap? You use a microwave? You eat processed food?

>What you do need is salvation,

Salvation as in the stuff your god offers to protect you from your god?

>forgiveness, love,

That's personal thus on a smaller scale than what we're talking about here.

Now if you need to get that from your sky god well whatever, I prefer mine to come from, y'know, real sentient beings.

and peace and a joy than is impervious to the hardships of life.

AHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh yes! Religion and peace are like oil and water and an open flame. Shall we list all the wars fought over religion and all the joy that produced?

>Let's see science provide those things for you.

Sure. Science has expanded our ability to move resources around the planet, that has prevented all kinds of war and saved all kinds of lives. We can make crops feed, cloth and shelter more people than ever before. With that burden lifted people can have much happier lives. We've eliminated diseases that Jesus I believe said were caused by demons rather than bacteria and viruses, are you sure Jesus knew stuff?

Science has done so much stuff that you're blind to it.

If you had raised you kids without science and just prayed maybe three out of the seven would have make it to adulthood.

See that was the stats when that's all people did, beg your god for help.

Science delivers.