Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Lawaard Loves Stupid People

That line was written by some atheist who found it quite amusing.

Unlike most of the people of the world, especially those who worship education and intelligence, God does love stupid people. I remember telling some atheist that God loves morons. His response? “That’s disgusting.” My response? “One of my children nearly falls into that category. It didn’t faze him a bit. He was a social Darwinist and anything or anyone who weakened the gene pool were, well, disgusting in his eyes.

Anyhow, it’s not so much that God loves only stupid people, it’s just that stupid people, down and outers, prostitutes, criminals, those on the edge of society and those generally rejected and ignored by intelligent people are much, much more receptive to the offer of love that Creator God gives to all people. And while the offer of Love and forgiveness is out there for all people, it’s significantly more difficult for intelligent people, wealthy people, educated, powerful and beautiful people to recognise their need for love and forgiveness.

Jesus told a story of a King who prepared an extravagant banquet. The best and only the best was on offer. According to the world’s standards, only the important people were invited. People like Dawkins and his crowd, Bill Gates and his crowd, Nobel Prize winners, movie stars and all the atheists who push their propaganda on-line were invited to this awesome honour and privilege.

None of them came. All of them rejected the invitation. In fact, they acted as though no such invitation had ever been given.

So the King sent out his servants to the byways and alleyways, to the bars and slums and the halfway houses. The servants went to all the nations of the world and brought in people from “every nation, tribe and tongue.” The banquet hall was filled to capacity and as it's decribed in Revelation, the number of those who accepted His offer is so great it's impossible to count.

While it may appear that God only loves stupid people, in reality, many are invited but only a few are chosen.


salvage said...

Well that story makes about as much sense as most of what you'll find in the Bible.

Perhaps the smart people didn't show up at the King's because the King was a complete bastard like most kings were back then?

Makarios said...

Oh perhaps they're complete bastards like all of us are now.

salvage said...

I'm not a complete bastard, I know many people who are not complete bastards.

You are very sad.