Saturday, September 5, 2009

Do you worship a monster?

Some atheists ask, how can anyone worship a God who allows if not creates and eternity of pain for unbelievers?

Who could deserve an eternity of suffering?

My question is, how can you NOT worship a God who will give you, free of charge, an eternity of paradise, an eternity in a healing, caring community? Who could possibly deserve an eternity of perfect peace and joy?

Even though the atheist would say, “I deserve it,” the answer is, no one deserves that. Yet, Creator God wants you to have an eternity of paradise even though you don’t deserve it. He sufferred His own wrath on your behalf so that paradise could be yours.

Who would refuse an eternity in paradise? Shouldn’t such a person be called a fool?


Rabhimself said...

Just prove it mak. That's all we ask. Thats all we ask from any religion.

Unambiguous, irrefutable evidence that the christian god does infact rule over, and created everything.

Can you provide that? No.

No you can't, and apparently your supposedly supremely intelligent, omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent god can't either.

Why is it so fucking hard for him to just end the bullshit once and for all?

Why can't he just make us know that he is there?

Please, don't insult us by insisting he has/does.

You know the manner that i mean. Make it known to every man, woman and child on the planet that he exists.

Won't happen though, will it mak?

God 777 said...

Hi. My name is God. I created the universe according to my perfect plan. Don't ask why there are problems with it, because despite my omniscience, I can't be expected to forsee imminent disaster. No, actually that's all your fault. In my amazing love for all of humanity, I selected a particular race of people as my favorite, and ordered them to wipe out surrounding races, burn their cities, and kill their children.

Eventually, to fix that whole "sin" problem that I created, I had to sacrifice myself to myself so I would be allowed to change a rule I made myself.

Once that was over, I set up a church here on Earth which does more harm than good, but at least they mean well. I suppose I could have planned the organization of the thing out a bit better, but I'm a busy God, and I just don't have enough time to make sure that my holy book isn't mysoginistic and my followers aren't racists. In a nutshell, you should believe in me because if you don't, I'll send you to hell to suffer for eternity. Did I mention I love you?

The Atheist Missionary said...

Christianity. The joke that just keeps giving.

Brian said...

I'm sorry, if we was in a court of law, since we know that we have a earth and universe far more advanced than anything man has ever understood then would the burden of proof be put on the person to NOT prove there is a God, I mean after all science CAN NOT prove how this all got here, We have the Bible and a man we KNOW was on earth who claimed to be God who is the world's most documented person ever in history. The Word of God is Alive.

This is why the bible predicted to the DAY when Israel would become a nation again. This is why the bible has been 100% correct with all things concerning Israel in THESE DAYS. The bible said that once Israel was reborn as a nation that it would never be destroyed again. Thus far the bible is 100% correct. The bible claims there will be a Gog/Magog war against Israel. As of today Russia and Iran just as the bible said would happen, is about to happen just look around! Thus far the bible has been 100% correct in it's predictions mind you this should be proof enough of God and that the Bible is true. The very fact of Israel and bible's predictions. We call it Prophecy.

No one has ever been able to say how the bible was written by men some 2000 years ago and be 100% correct with all of its prophecy. (FYI, more is coming and going to happen, you should know what it is)

We know for a fact at some point there was a world flood. Thus why we find layers upon layers and fossils found in all the layers completely destroying the idea of deeper = more age. We know that dinosaurs was and man was in fact on earth at the same time. From foot prints in the same rock, to working tools found by bones, to countless historical accounts of dinosaurs (bible calls them dragons)all over the world, in fact many people believe we still have some alive on earth today. Not to mention things like turtles, lizards and other reptiles are all really considered dinosaurs anyway. Look up the meaning of the word dinosaur. Yup they still live here, right here on earth. Shouldn't of evolution at least killed all reptiles off if they are so old? Or maybe it's just a different kind of animal just as with all the others?

We know full well and yes science backs this 100% that evolution as a whole (big bang, evolution of animals one kind to another i.e. lizard to bird, etc) did not in fact happen or is even taking place now or at any time in history nothing supports it what so ever.

How did these random chances of mutations or (insert your goofy idea of evolution here) discover flight? How did the bird learn to fly, Now wait a min, before you say it evolved from some lizard or some crazy wacky out idea like that remember we had flying animals even in the time of dinosaurs! (by the evolution timeline) So they evolved right out the box with the engineering of flight from random chances? Really? How many times you see a tornado hit a junk yard and a Boeing 747 was left in it's wake?

Sorry fokes, it just does not happen. You see, I'm not making the case for God, I'm showing that with any amount of logic NOTHING supports the idea that this all wasn't created. Nothing says that God "didn't".

You see, the public school brainwashing has taught all of you evolution believers that some how God has to prove himself. I say, God has, he put all this here, it's up to you fare man that you prove HE DID NOT!

Because I have a book, with far more intelligence than any man, but written by men that claims to be the breathed word of God, with 100% backing in predictions that NO OTHER book, religion or other hog wash has been able to disprove or disclaim. Fact is the Bible is in your face and asked, no begs the question. PROVE ME WRONG.

So I say to you evolution, Please show me how random chance learned to fly. Please, show me one fact of life coming from non-life. So you see, in the court system as we know it, It would not be a unproven extremely week 100,000 version of evolution asking for proof of God, it would be God asking for testimony that he's a liar.

Of which, evolution does not have.

Anonymous said...

God 777 said...

Brian, what planet are you from and how how is the weather there?

Makarios said...

"Unambiguous, irrefutable evidence"

It doesn't exist. As Plato has said, God has given us just enough evidence of His existence so that those who are looking for Him will be able to find Him and just enough evidence so that those who don't want to find Him won't be able to find Him accidentally.
"Make it known to every man, woman and child on the planet that he exists."

He'll do this Rahab, but when He does, for people like you, it'll be too late.

"because despite my omniscience, I can't be expected to forsee imminent disaster."

He obviously did see imminet disaster because He built into the plan a solution for our screw up. You atheists really can't handle more than one concept at a time can you?

"I selected a particular race of people as my favorite, and ordered them to wipe out surrounding races, burn their cities, and kill their children."

Do you know why He ordered those societies destroyed or did it never occur to you to ask why?

Rabhimself said...

The bible also claims that at one point the entire earth was flooded Brian. Not so '100%' accurate now, is it? But then again, simply by reasing what you wrote it is easy to know that you believe this too.

It predicted ther Israel matter 'TO THE DAY' did it?

Please, i want to read where that is written. Just post the verse. Moron.

That's right Mahakalakahilarious, it doesn't exist. Hence the fucking problem. Is that so hard to understand? If it were there, we'd all believe in and worship the one true god as he desires.

You keep saying we don't want to find him, like we are making an effort to have a lack of belief. That's just nonsense.

We don't want to find the christian god any more than you don't want to find the Loch Ness Monster, the tooth fairy or Zeus. Again, is that so difficult to comprehend? Why don't you believe in the aforementioned? When you have the answer you will know our feelings as to why we don't believe in god.

It is not a matter of choice makarios. The Atheist Missionary has tried to explain this to you before but you don't listen and apparently you claim that your god won't either. Not surprising, as if he exists then this can surely be expected of such a flawed deity.

Try making yourself believe, despite the evidence strongly suggesting the contrary, that the Loch Ness Monster is real, living an breathing right now, eating fish as we speak. Remember, you can't prove a negativer, so like your god, we can't claim it does not exist, but everything you have to reason with tells you it probably doesn't.

Go on.

Try and believe it, give yourself a few moments to convince yourself of the Loch Ness Monster's existence.

Can you do it makarios?

Didn't think so.

Robert Head said...

A supreme being doesn't punish or judge - humans do that. A supreme being doesn't create people who go against his will. If you believe in God, then your god is a flawed, incompetent deity.

A supreme being doesn't leave holes in his supposedly inspired story of creation. A supreme being doesn't allow his prized 'creation' to become fallen.

Your supreme being is laughable. You are laughable.

Ask yourself this: Why my god? Why not Zeus or Brahma or Apollo or Odin or Allah?

And why was the 'New' Testament written over 2,000 years ago? In that time, people stoned homosexuals to death (they still do, actually), kept slaves, and sold their daughters into prostitution.

If a holy text were to start being designed today, it would eventually become obsolete - just like the Judeo-Christian holy texts of old.

Belief is comforting because we prefer to hear colourful stories than plain truths. However, belief is not constrained by time. Beliefs evolve - just as we do. I, on the other hand, have seen through the fallacy and idiocy of religion. I'll see you on the other side, my friend.

The Atheist Missionary said...

If the Bible said that the Loch Ness monster was fiddling on Makarios' roof, he'd believe it.

Makarios said...

as if he exists then this can surely be expected of such a flawed deity.

Why do you think that it’s a mistake rather than part of a plan? Cf. Romans 9:22-24.

As far as your claims that all you need is more evidence, I think of explained that quite well in my August post, Not Enough Evidence.

Robert, if God’s plan to allow for the giving and experiencing of really love is flawed (by allowing for people to decide to NOT love) how would you have done it differently while still allowing for the existence of free will?

“I'll see you on the other side, my friend.”

Not likely.

Rabhimself said...

Thanks for adressing my issue with your accusations that we don't want to find him.

Have you convinced yourself of the Loch Ness Monster's existence?

You got one thing right in your last post though -

“I'll see you on the other side, my friend.”

Not likely.

No, an afterlife isn't likely at all.