Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I’m the Reason!

How do you like that? An atheist told me that I’m the reason that he’s not a Christian. More accurately, “you're the perfect example of why I am no longer a Christian.”

Does it surprise you at all that an atheist would say something like that?

What if I said, “Richard Dawkins is such a jerk that I could never be an atheist.”

Would that seem like a logical thing to say? Of course I’m a Christian so an expectation for reasonable thought is set pretty low. Still, I know that whether I choose atheism or not can have nothing to do with the character of atheists.

Atheists in general and the ones posting here see themselves as highly intelligent people, yet to say, I don’t like your personality so I can no longer be a Christian, well, what can one say?

Jesus taught A, B and C.

A Christian is someone who agrees with what Jesus taught.

An atheist might say that s/he cannot agree with what Jesus taught and therefore he cannot be a Christian.

An atheist might say that what Jesus taught is in error and therefore she cannot be a Christian.

But this atheist says, it’s because of people like you Makarios that I cannot be a Christian. He didn’t say “Because there’s no evidence for God,” or even “Because there’s no evidence for Jesus, I cannot be a Christian.” He said, Because of people like you, I cannot be a Christian.

Reason and logic are supposed to be the sole domain of the atheist but they seem to be in short supply here.

In fact, if this is how atheists think, I don’t think I could ever be an atheist.


Ginx said...

Can't we all agree the atheist who said that to you was using something called an "insult" to try to make you feel bad? That atheist is using psychology and flipping your goals around and to present you with the opposite of your intention, in the hopes of illiciting a reaction (success!). As a Christian, you follow Jesus' teachings, and one of those teachings is to spread the Word. I bet you would feel pretty bad if you actually made someone turn away from Christ, and I'm sure that atheist was trying to make you feel that way. In your defense, I'm sure they were lost LONG before they encountered you.

To be fair, atheists have to hear on a regular basis about how atheism is evil, although I find it's usually by people who don't know they're talking to an atheist (because most people are polite).

I remember the day at work after Obama's inauguration, my boss said she was "offended" by Obama "mentioning" non-believers, like he was sanctioning or approving atheism. I mentioned I was an atheist, and three months later I magically had no job anymore. That's what atheists deal with... the sort of intolerance Christians wish they had so they could climb up on their crosses and wallow.

Besides, all I hear from Christians about Dawkins is that he's a jerk and knows nothing about theology, so he should stick to biology... as if theology is something so complex it would require a doctorate in order to discuss it. How many believers who oppose stem cell research or deny evolution have a degree in genetics? Hands?

Makarios said...

atheists have to hear on a regular basis about how atheism is evil"

I just think it's illogical and absurd. Sorry about the job thing. I had the same thing happen from a guy who hated Christianity. Well, not quite. I was in a strong union, but he told me, "As long as you hold to your Christian beliefs, you're received the last promotion you'll ever get while I'm your boss."

Ginx said...

I wish they could ask you your religion before they hire you. I know it's supposed to stop discrimination, but I would rather that be laid out openly beforehand. If you had known that was the situation, would you have taken the job? In my case yes, because I don't mind conflict, but most people would rather be surrounded by like-minded individuals.

Makarios said...

Oh ya, they were good people. Besides, within the year he was let go and guess who got his job?