Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ya like hockey?

I was sitting in Church last Sunday. I was in this weird head space where - this hasn’t happened for a long time - I had tears running down my cheeks. I was just completely overwhelmed by how blessed I am. I was thinking about my wonderful family, and wonderful friends, and a wonderful Pastor and a house and yard that are perfect for our needs and on and on. I just felt sooo blessed by my Creator who loves me.

So at the end of the service I’m just sitting there, drained - exhausted - and a guy leans over and says, “Ya like hockey?” and I say, “Ya.” And he says, “Your boys like hockey?” And I say, “Ya.” And he reaches into his pocket and gives me four tickets to the World Junior Hockey Championships that are happening just down the street from our place.

When I was thinking about all the ways in which I’m blessed? I’d forgotten about hockey. The tickets are for next Sunday and I don't know who's playing but - eh - hockey's hockey - right?


Ginx said...

I once found mushrooms at a Green Day concert.

Elise said...

Just read this and it made my day! Though unfortunately, in my church I highly doubt anyone would give me their Flyers tickets for anything. ;-)

Makarios said...

Ginx: You're a hoot! Because I might have to mock your beliefs later later, I can't say "I love you man" but that was good for a laugh. thank you Ginx. Good story.

Elise: No doubt. Part of me wishes I lived in a market big enough to host a professional team and the other says, "Eh, you couldn't afford the tickets anyway."

Hope your day stays good.