Thursday, December 24, 2009

I don't think I've ever experienced a better Christmas than this one. What a wonderful family I've been given. I am truly blessed.


Ginx said...

Glad to hear, and I hope the rest of your Christmas is just as merry!

Me... not a great one. My sister is coming in from out of town tomorrow, so we could't open presents on Christmas Eve like we usually do in my family. In fact, depending on weather, I may have to wait until after dinner tomorrow!!!

Damn lack of instant gratification...

JD Curtis said...

Merry Christmas Mak. You too Hugo you intellectually dodgy little fuzzball you ;-)

Makarios said...

We opened on Christmas Eve as a kid. Then I married a Christmas morning opener and - well - guess when I open now.

Does your mom live close by, Ginx? And how is she doing?

MC JD. Hope you have a good one.

feeno said...

Merry Christmas Mak

Makarios said...

You too man.

Hugo said...

- Sounds good Rod! I am glad to hear it was a great Christmas for you.
- Merci JD!
- Ginx... too bad, I hope it all turned out to be great after all!
- Feeno, Merry Christmas to you too!

Almost everything was great for me too, except that last night I had to drive from my parents' house at 3am to go back to my condo because the alarm went off, turned out to be just the door that was not locked and opened by itself... slept 5 hours and then drove back home for Christmas lunch!

Makarios said...

Alarm - Ya, a pain alright but it could have been a lot worse.

Ginx said...

She lives in Indiana, I live in *mumbles* Pennsylvania (can't say the city cause my wife would kill me, but it's on the far eastern side... I gave it away, I know).We make the 12-15 hour drive once or twice a year, and fly out for Thanksgiving.

She's, you know, terminally ill with amyloidosis (though they said she had 3-5 years at most 7 years ago). The worst is that my dad got lung cancer a couple years ago so they both of them are just hobbling around trying to care for the other. Not something I talk about much, for obvious reasons.

Makarios said...

"I gave it away, I know."

Not to me you didn't. The States I know the general location of seem to be on the periphery, Texas, California, Florida, North Dakota.

Indiana and Pennsylvania just get a deer-in-the-headlights looks from me. I do know what a 12 to 15 hour trip feels like though.

"my dad got lung cancer a couple years"

Good grief! Isn't it something how some people just seem to breeze through life and others have such a load.

"Not something I talk about much, for obvious reasons."

No actually, it isn't obvious. It's a big deal to have even one parent so ill - both of them is HUGE - at least from my perspective.

Do THEY talk about it?

I was very fortunate that my parents didn't die until I was quite old. I was fifty years old when my dad died, (mom died about six years earlier). It's weird because when dad died, even though I was fifty, I felt strangely vulnerable. I couldn't ask him what he thought was wrong when a vehicle was making funny noises. I couldn't ask how the weather was where he lived or talk about the football game I knew we'd both just watched. I miss my dad. He was a good man.

I'm sorry that you have to go through this, Ginx. Life is quite a journey.

Ginx said...

Eh, we're all going to die sometime. One day I'll be shuffling off this mortal coil as well, and I wouldn't want anyone losing sleep over it. I care about my family, and I'll miss them, but it's not like I can do anything. I prefer to immortalize their words in things I write and focus on the time we still have.

My dad always said, "Shit happens, then you die."

Makarios said...

"Shit happens and then you die."