Monday, December 7, 2009

As Dinesh D’Souza has said, “Scientists like to think of themselves as reasonable people. They fancy themselves ready to follow the path of evidence no matter where it takes them. Indeed in no other field do people go around congratulating themselves so much on how rational they are, how strictly their conclusions conform to testing and experience, and how biases and prejudices are routinely removed through the process of empirical verification and peer criticism.”

Well, atheists put the joke to that self-evaluation.


Ginx said...

Scientists appeal to logic, religious people appeal to reason. Scientists only do things which seem logical, but end up doing some unreasonable things because of it. What science and religion have in common is that both have made mind-bendingly horrible ideological mistakes. What sets science apart is the rapidity with which it changes. Those changes do in fact occur because of criticism.

Truth emerges despite the stubborn ignorance of mankind. In fact, persecution is the fertilizer in which truth grows. Truth does not succeed despite criticism, it prevails because of it. This is why religion has ultimately failed to discover knowledge as quickly as science: religion tolerates far less criticism.

Case in point: science books from ten years ago are hilariously out of date in many respects. The KJV Bible has remained unchanged for centuries, and nearly every book on spirituality simply rehashes the ideas of early Christian theologians of the same period.

Makarios said...

Wow! Is that you or did you copy that from somewhere? :-)

Nice. Very True.

Ginx said...

Totally me. I shock even myself in my occassional ability to sound reasonable.