Monday, December 28, 2009

“One may find it easier to believe in an infinite array of universes than in an infinite Deity, but such a belief must rest on faith rather than observation.”
physicist, Paul Davies, quoted in Fred Heeren, “Show me God” 239


Ginx said...

It's hard to take you seriously when you assume every idea ever had by a scientist is part of atheist dogma.

Everytime the Pope or Pat Robertson says something stupid, I'll assume you're cheering them on.

Makarios said...

Ginx - It's just a quote. Atheist dogma is extensive and growing but I would never say that every idea of every science becomes atheist dogma.

After all, the most important findings of science contradict what atheists believe so that could hardly become a tenet of atheist faith.


1. Science, Nothing has ever been observed to begin to existing with out an external cause of its existence.

Atheist - Some things can begin to exist without a cause.

2. Science - Life has never been observed to come into being except from previous life.

Atheist - Life can arise from the evolution of inanimate and inorganic gases.

3. Science - Specified and formulated information has never been observed to arise without the aid of an Intelligent Agent

Atheist - Specific, Formulated, Coded instructions for the formation of life itself will appear, as long a you've got a really, really, really long time to wait for it.

You know, a million monkeys with a billion years could write the complete works of Shakespear?

Geez Louise atheists are dumb or desperate enough or both, to believe this stuff. I'm not kiddin.

Ginx said...

Atheist dogma... oy

There's a term in psychology I want you to research, Mak. It's called "projection." Please look into it.

Zzzst said...

-Quantum events.

-Biochemistry inevitably produces complex products. Amino acids and other complex molecules are even known to form in space.

-Geez Louise christians are dumb or desperate enough or both, to believe this stuff. I'm not kiddin.

I think I've seen all I need to see from this blog.

Makarios said...

Atheist: “Quantum events.” “Amino Acids”

Ladies and Gentlemen I give you the atheist version of a refutation. It’s like Dawkins says, “Mutation” and thinks, “Problem solved.”

Zzzst said...

When there's entire fields of science that run counter to your ideas, then yes, problem solved.
'Mutation with natural selection' and a lot of this blog's questions are solved.

Ginx said...

Mak is immune to the answers.

Makarios said...

So tell me about quantum events Z. Tell me how they "refute" what I've been saying. Oh wait! You were going to go away weren't you.

Nothing to learn here. Yawn.

Guess this would be as good a time to leave as any. Or do you have some YouTube professor who will do your work for you?