Tuesday, December 8, 2009

“If the divine underpinning of the [scientific] laws is removed, their existence becomes a profound mystery. Where do they come from? Who sent the message? Who devised the code?”
Paul Davies, “The Scientific Basis for a Rational World” 81


Ginx said...

Why don't you adopt this argument? The code he's referring to is physics, or more accurately, the laws of physics. He's not saying "life had to be hand-crafted by God," he's saying the chemical properties that would allow all the phenomena in the world, from solar and planetary formation to the formation of the first abiotic amino acids, are the product of rules by which the universe is governed.

Any theologian who knows anything claims God wrote those laws. It's pretty much the final domain for God in serious modern theology, as we have no clue what causes gravity, the attraction between like charges, etc.

Makarios said...

Why don't you adopt this argument?"

What makes you think I don't?