Saturday, December 5, 2009


In - Nothing Did It - I posted some of the most amazing information ever.

In the beginning,




Matter and


came into existence. Not just any information but the most complicated, life sustaining, life replicating, life GIVING information.

And all I get in response to that post is a couple of atheist crackpots making jokes and talking nonsense.

You're right JD, Meyer's book "Signature in the Cell" is a fascinating read. It deserves the nomination.


Chris Mackey said...

Everyday, it's another argument from ignorance.
Another misquote.
Another snide insult.
(Atheists are "dull-witted", "crackpots", "slow of thought", etc)

For the hundredth time: just because you don't know why something happened, doesn't mean it happened because of magic or gods or whatever your imagination can dream up.

I only see two jokes:
"Atheists are slow of thought? What does that make religious people, thoughtless?"
you saying:
"Nothing that I say will make any sense."
and me answering:
"no comment"

Have a nice day.

Ginx said...

In the beginning... it took billions of years to go from energy and matter to life.

Makarios said...

It's my guess that "information theory" and "coding theory" are terms that have little or no meaning to you two gentlemen.

Ginx said...

And the thesis of my original response, in all its rambling glory, was that there's no "explanation" in saying the coding for life is too complex to happen randomly. Perhaps it is 1 in 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 odds that it would fall perfectly into place initially, forming the first simple, self-replicating organism. Yet, there's probably more planets in this galaxy than that, so that would makes the overall odds of it happening pretty good.

Saying simple life is too complex to spring out of nature certainly does not indicate a complex, divine presence. You think a single-celled organism with DNA is hard to explain, how does an omnipotent, omniscient being spring from nothing?

Keith said...

Here's some interesting information about the origin of the universe for you:

Please note that once again the scientist, in this case UCSD physicist Kim Griest points out where theory is speculative and where it is proven.

I found it fascinating and I hope you enjoy it.

Keith said...

'"Signature in the Cell" is a fascinating read.'

Its fascinating only in the lengths some people will go to to support ludicrous theories in order to make money from the more gullible among us.

Its just lots and lots of words posing a science with no real evidence.

Saying something over and over again, no matter how many different ways you can find to say it, will not make it truth.

Makarios said...

You should try reading it.

Ginx said...

Your mom goes to college... Napoleon Dynamite, anyone?