Wednesday, October 7, 2009

You Like?

Killing of a woman, a shudra or an atheist is not sinful. Woman is an embodiment of the worst desires, hatred, deceit, jealously and bad character. Women should never be given freedom”. Bhagvad Gita (Manu 1X. 17 and V.47, 147). ...


Hugo said...

Nice! You found another religion who is just as sexist as yours! Or perhaps even worse!!

Look at that.
I did not look at the exact Bible quote myself; I will let you have fun interpreting them as you wish.

Genesis 3:16 Says that all women must suffer great pains during child birth due to Eve eating the fruit of knowledge. (As if it is somehow just that humans should pay for their ancestor’s sins nor is a woman dying in labor some how befitting of a crime she did not commit.) The verse finishes of by saying a husband shall “rule” over his woman, stripping us off all power in between the sexes.

Genesis 19:8 Tells of a man named Lot who offers his daughters to a crowd of would be angel rapers. Later, Lot impregnates his own daughters after God kills his wife for simply looking back at the remains of her city.

Genesis 38:16-24 Tells a very interesting story of a man named Judah whom lived with his widowed daughter in law. His daughter in law was grieving and wearing the veils of mourning which Judah (a rather stupid man) mistook for the clothing of a prostitute. He ended up impregnating his daughter in law and she left the city. On a later date Judah sees the young woman again and demanded she be burned for being a prostitute (I like how only the woman is punished when THEY BOTH engaged in the sexual act). It wasn’t until Judah recognized the woman as his daughter in law and she was with his child, that he decided not to kill her. Basically, Judah can commit incest, use a prostitute (in his mistaken perception), and impregnate a MUCH younger woman, yet he thinks she is the one deserving of death.

Exodus 21:3-4 Says that if a male slave is given a wife by his master (regardless of how long they are wed, how much they love each other or if they have kids) he can not leave servanthood with his wife or children. The woman and children are merely property of the master and their personal happiness or sanctity of family doesn’t matter.

Exodus 21:7 God not only sanctions selling ones daughter into slavery, but he also gives out laws on how it should be done.

Exodus 21:10 God ordains men taking several wives and even sets up laws as to how multiple wives should be handled.

Leviticus 12:1-8 Explains that a woman has to be purified after giving birth because she is “unclean”. It goes on to say that birthing a male is cleaner then birthing a female, hence a mother must purify TWICE as long when having a daughter. This is BLATANT sexism from the point of birth. A woman is dirty simply for being a woman; this is obviously very biased and chauvinistic.

Leviticus 15:19-30 Explains that a woman having her menstruation must be avoided to the point of not even touching what she has touched. It is quite curious that women are punished for simply having a biological function that “God” claims to have created. What is so just about vilifying what you created?

Leviticus 18:19 Goes onto say that even LOOKING at a menstruating woman is wrong.

Leviticus 19:20 Says that if a man has sex with a slave or betrothed woman he must then “scourge” her. Scourging is a term for a severe flogging or whipping. I find it quite curious that the woman shall be punished to the point of a beating for such an occurrence, yet the man gets to go free for the deed.

Hugo said...

Ya, I know, part 1 was already enough, but there's more on the same website...

Leviticus 21:9 Explains that unchaste daughters of priests must be burnt to death. What about his unchaste sons? Of course this isn’t even answered in the Torah, we are to assume yet again that men have the power to do as they wish and a woman must suffer the punishment for BOTH of them.

Leviticus 27:3-7 God places a dollar value on human life; with women worth less than men.

Numbers 1:2 Is the basis for the sexism that remains rampant today. In this verse Moses takes a poll of all the men who are able to fight in war, women aren’t even counted in the census. Apparently back then, just like today, us women are considered the weaker species and unable to battle. (Let’s not forget that during the time the Pentateuch was written women in Pagan cultures were FEARED and revered as the more powerful species. It is because of this patriarchal religion and it’s offshoots that we have been reduced to cowering sub-humans.)

Numbers 30:3-16 A woman can’t make a vow unless her husband allows it.

Numbers 31: 14-18 Moses tells his men to kill all the males, non-virginal women, elderly and children of the Midianite tribe. Of course, the virgin women are kept for raping. If you read later down in the scripture God states that the Jews can not even marry a Midianite woman (with exception to Moses). Hence these women who were captured were repeatedly raped and impregnated and they weren’t even allowed a marital status in which to protect them.

Deuteronomy 20:13-15 Kill all the men and boys in the cities that God “delivers into your hands,” but keep the women for raping.

Deuteronomy 21:11-14 If you see a pretty woman among the captives then just take her home and “go in unto her.”

Deuteronomy 22:5 Women that wear men’s clothing are an “abomination unto the Lord.”

Deuteronomy 22:13-22 Women, be sure to keep the tokens of your virginity. Otherwise the men of your city may stone you to death. This does not apply to men though, of course. What is interesting to note here is the actual wording, it says : “that if a man hateth his wife he may say she did not have the tokens of her virginity”. Since there is no way a woman can truly prove she had a hymen upon marriage the word rests on the husband and she can be disposed of simply when he tires of her.

Deuteronomy 22:23-24 is one of the most cruel and sexist passages of the Torah. It says that women who are raped and fail to “cry out loud” in a populated area are most likely enjoying the attack should be killed.

Deuteronomy 22:28-29 A rapist must buy his victim from her father for 50 shekels. Is this supposed to be some type of retribution? What about the victim here, what if she doesn’t want to marry a pig who raped her? All that matters is her father receives payment for his “property”.

Deuteronomy 25:11-12 Says that we must cut off a woman’s hand if she touches the “secrets” of a man who is fighting with her husband…“And thine eye shall not pity her.” Once again, there is no punishment for the man she touched, only the woman.

Hugo said...


I decided that it was finally time for me to have my own blog.

Actually, I already had created one a few days ago because I wanted to share a little sketch with someone.

One user who writes here, "His Lordship", noticed my sketch and thought I should show it to you Makarios, so why not? It's related to your misconception of what infinity or the Big Bang truly represent.

At the same time, it made me realize that I could spend some time, once in a while, to write something on that temporary blog I had already created... so I decided to put my Abiogenesis reply as my first real blog post!

Just click on my username or browse to to find out.


Makarios said...

Hugo, why do you think God "used" or worked with drunkards, murderers, liars, cheats, prostitutes, violent and vile men and women in fulfilling His plan for human kind? Have you ever wondered about that?

Have you ever gotten past the typical atheist thinking:
a) It's in the Bible
b) It's bad
c) Therefore God is bad

Have you ever questioned "Why?"

Anonymous said...


If you can ignore all the bestiality in the old testament, then you are an idiot and a hypocrite. It does not matter how much Jesus would have worked with whatever. It does not change the old testament. Or do you think God was asking forgiveness? Do you think those laws were not meant to be what they were?

But you have the gall to post about another religion. Just one little paragraph. What if their God also decided to change things afterwards?

Could it be that the Bible is just a collection of stories, beliefs, fairy tales, poems, laws, and such, that shows the thinking of these people during different times? Could it be that the Bible is not the inerrant word of any God?

How fortunate I am that I did get out of these beliefs. I might be like you. Nauseatingly self-deluded.


Hugo said...

Hugo, why do you think God "used" or worked with drunkards, murderers, liars, cheats, prostitutes, violent and vile men and women in fulfilling His plan for human kind? Have you ever wondered about that?

Never heard of God doing any of that himself.

Have you ever gotten past the typical atheist thinking:

Nothing else that comes after that has any value, no matter if it's right or wrong, as we know that you understand nothing about the Atheist point of view Rod. Quote people if you want to address their point.

a) It's in the Bible
b) It's bad
c) Therefore God is bad

LOL, that's just plain stupid. The Bible is not bad, it's just false.

Have you ever questioned "Why?"
No, why?
Oops, I just did.

Hugo said...


Thanks for your post.
I hope you don't mind but I copy/pasted it to another blog that I am currently replying to.

It's quite funny because beside the name at the start, all the rest is 100% relevant to the discussionI was having with the author.

Take a look!


Amit said...

mmm....this just goes to show how narrow minded and silly people can really be. First of all that is NOT in the bhagavad gita! never was and never will be, the fact that you post out a quote that you found from the internet to make your religon superior to others just goes to show how egoistical and silly you are. READ the gita first, I feel sorry for you.

Anonymous said...

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