Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hey! I Created Life!

That’s what Stanley Miller told the world several decades ago. And you know what? An atheist just presented it to me today. As he did his victory dance, I had to break it to him that what he was celebrating was a fraud. The fact that atheists so desperately seek out, recall and interpret evidence in a manner that helps to sustain their beliefs leads them to grasp on to "mistakes" like the one that Miller and Oparin foisted upon the eager and accepting atheist community.

Miller and Oparin told the world that with an atmosphere composed of ammonia, methane and hydrogen all it took was a shock of lightening and presto. Life from non life. God was no longer needed.

Long after NASA showed us that primordial earth was virtually absent ammonia, methane and hydrogen, and long after it was known that primordial earth was most likely water, carbon dioxide and nitrogen (a combination which would not give the same results),and:

Like Dawkins still says today:
. One scientist in response to the conclusions of this fraud said, The creation of life was not a chance event. Rather, it was inevitable."

Like Dawkins still says today:
. One scientist in response to the conclusions of this fraud said, The appearance of life is essentially an automatic development.

Like Dawkins still says today:
. One scientist in response to the conclusions of this fraud said, What Miller did was the single most convincing step in proving that life is likely to be abundant in the cosmos. Remember Dawkins prediction that there is life evolving on a billion planets even as we speak? (((Snerk))) What a goof.

And so the results perpetrated by this fraud continue to this very day, and atheists lap it up because if something will help to fend off the absurdity of atheism, fraud or no fraud, atheists will grab on to it like their childhood blanket.


Gorth Satana said...

Makarios, universe or earth, take your pick. Is it 6 to 10 thousand years old?

Hugo said...

Oh so you were refering to Miller–Urey after all Rod!

We know now that they were wrong, and Abiogenesis Theory is far from "a lightning in a mud hole created life" kind of explanation.

So, I'll repeat my other comment...
Do you want to know that the theory says nowadays or are you too afraid to find out why you are wrong? I will quote here a part of the description of one video that could help you:

"It's been 55 years since the Miller-Urey Experiment, and science has made enormous progress on solving the origin of life. This video summarizes one of the best leading models. Yes there are others. Science may never know exactly how life DID start, but we will know many ways how life COULD start. Don't be fooled by creationist arguments as even a minimal understanding of biology and chemistry is enough to realize they have no clue what they are talking about."

Again... welcome to the 21st century!

Makarios, universe or earth, take your pick. Is it 6 to 10 thousand years old?

Hugo said...

I need to clarify something: Miller-Urey were not "wrong"; but they did not reproduce the evolution of non-life to life.

SmartLX said...

Neither Miller nor Urey ever claimed to have created life. What they created were amino acids(as recently discovered, more than four times as many as they thought they did) which are organic compounds.

The important thing is, that Miller claimed to have created life is a lie. You lied for Jesus, Rod. Congratulations.

Hugo said...

lol SmartLX, you are dam right, I had not even realized that Makarios put the words "Hey! I Created Life!" into Miller's mouth. Thanks for pointing that out.

Type Display Name Here said...

I've been reading this blog for a while, Rod (Makarios) is a bit of a liar. If I was you guys I'd be asking for references for half the tripe he says.

SmartLX said...

Thanks, but I'd really rather see whether he accepts that he's lied.

Type Display Name Here said...

He can't do that. He's too busy lying to himself.

Hugo said...

Ya, at the very best, I guess he'll just drop this post, act as he never wrote it, write 5 to 10 new posts in the next 5 days, and phew!, everything will be behind him... and his aggressive titles will bring a few people to read and say, "Oh this guy is sooooo right about Atheists"

I just realized that he already posted more than 300 posts just in 2009 so I guess it's pointless to comment on such a blog where the author clearly wants nothing but to masturbate his brain publicly...

Thanks for your patience guys ;)

Makarios said...

Did you read the comments that came about as a result of Miller's "discovery"? Do you think they were talking about life arising from non life?

SmartLX said...

They were, but not in the actual case of the experiment. Miller and Urey demonstrated a possible part of the process, not the whole thing. Never did they claim to have created anything which was alive by any standard.

You lied for Jesus.

Hugo said...


I decided that it was finally time for me to have my own blog.

Actually, I already had created one a few days ago because I wanted to share a little sketch with someone.

One user who writes here, "His Lordship", noticed my sketch and thought I should show it to you Makarios, so why not? It's related to your misconception of what infinity or the Big Bang truly represent.

At the same time, it made me realize that I could spend some time, once in a while, to write something on that temporary blog I had already created... so I decided to put my Abiogenesis reply as my first real blog post!

Just click on my username or browse to http://hugo-temp.blogspot.com to find out.