Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Talkin 'bout my generation

I grew up in a generation that believed, we actually believed that drug induced feelings of love was the real thing.

I grew up in a generation that believed, we really believed that “if you can’t be with the one you love baby, then love the one you’re with.”

My generation set the stage for the scourge of HIV.

We believed that what we were doing was right and good for society.

I find that terribly embarrassing.


PersonalFailure said...

As if sexually transmitted diseases were never seen before the 60s. Which is why syphilis was such a problem for Napoleon Bonaparte, Beau Brummel*, Al Capone, Henry VIII, Ivan the Terrible, and Winston Churchill's father.

*If you've ever read historical romance novels, you know who I'm talking about.

Makarios said...

Geez Louise woman . . .

Ginx said...

Don't feel bad, every generation is destined to get old and have regrets. That's how it goes... we're young and try to enjoy it despite the warnings of the wise, then we're old and try to prevent young people from enjoying themselves too much... while forgetting to have much fun ourselves.

feeno said...

That's actually not bad Ginx.

PF, Thanx for the visual images I can't get outta my head. err

c ya later Mak and others, feeno

Makarios said...

Ya, you're right Ginx