Saturday, October 24, 2009

If God . . .

If the salvation of our soul is the most important event, and

If the preparation of our soul for eternity is the most important task, then

The “problem” of suffering, becomes the “proper use of suffering,” for

God uses the suffering that is experienced in this fallen and dying world to change us and shape us into Christlikeness and the readying of us for our existence in eternity.


Hugo said...

Actual eternity does not exist.
Infinity is a concept, we have to way to define a real infinite thing.

Your "threat" of eternal suffering, or your "promise" of eternal happiness are meaningless.

Your concept of God falls in the same category. It is an interesting concept that can be used to explain things, just as infinity is useful in math, but it's in the non-existent category, it does not exists out of the imagination of humans.

Makarios said...

"eternity does not exist."

You say that as though you actually know.

Hugo said...

HUGO: "eternity does not exist."

MAK: You say that as though you actually know.

No, I don't know, do you?

If we don't know about something, the default position is to say it does not exist.

So, until I learn about something truly infinite, I will consider infinity as a concept, a very useful one, but still only a concept.

What do we get when we divide a number by 0?