Monday, October 26, 2009

I Tolerate You

Tolerance is a popular word right now. The thing is, the word “tolerance” actually implies that we disagree with that which we are tolerating. To be tolerant means, in its purest form, in its Christian context that:

. I may disagree with what you are doing but I will love you anyway.

. I may disagree with what you are doing but I will treat you with respect anyway.

. I might not accept what you are doing as correct, but I will accept you.

That’s what Jesus did in His relationships, and if we are followers of Jesus we will do that also. Lord help me to change!


Ginx said...

Yes, I remember that passage in the Bible...

"Tolerate thy neighbor..."

What book was that in again? The Gospel of Dick? Or was it Repressions?

Being a Christian isn't for everyone. It means LOVING everyone. Sure you don't have to "accept" someone's behavior, whatever the hell that means. By accept, do you mean when you judge them, you don't hold it against them if you think they are wrong?

Don't get me wrong, I'm a judgmental jackass myself, but I'm not claiming to carry any cross.

Also... what horrible thing are atheists doing that warrant your tolerance? They get divorced less often, commit less crime... what exactly are you "tolerating?" Intellectual exchanges such as this?

If I offend, I apologize. If others offend you, I hope you have the constitution to forgive any misgivings they may have.

Makarios said...

I didn't write this with atheists in mind. Even as a counsellor, I found it rather easy to "tolerate" those who were caught in really disgusting behaviours while helping them turn their lives around. In fact, the term "loving" them would have been correct.

The people that I have the most trouble with are those like me. Those who carry the name of Christ but talk to others or treat others in a manner wholly inappropriate for a follower of Jesus.

"accept" someone's behavior, whatever the hell that means."

Well, I think it means saying that not only is the person ok but so are h/her behaviours. Most people are forced into this position because hating the sin while loving the sinner is foreign to the human condition.

Ginx said...

I don't think I could seperate the person from their actions in all cases, but I can imagine plenty of scenarios where that would be best for both parties.

Besides, if you ever get angry, just remember Jesus in the temple overturning the money changers' tables. I think that pretty much lets you off the hook :P

Makarios said...

Well, if my anger is over the rich ripping off the poor and desecrating a Church at the same time, then I'm off the hook.