Monday, October 19, 2009

SPAM Heals!

Many have already seen the atheist version of a clever person praying to a can of SPAM and lo and behold, he began to feel better. Even a simpleton qualifies for genius in the atheist camp.


PersonalFailure said...

You missed the point, my dear.

Suppose you're feeling sick. You pray to god to make you feel better. Even if you didn't pray to god, there's only 3 ways this can go: you get worse/die, you get better, you stay the same.

God "answers prayers" one of 3 ways: yes, no, ask again later.

So, if you get better- yeah! god answered your prayers. If you stay the same- well, god wants you to wait. If you get worse/die- well, god's ineffable.

I could get the same responses out of the can of SPAM.

Makarios said...

Actually, I didn't miss the point.

And, if truth be told, I smiled most of the way through.

I just thought it was a simple-minded attempt to mock something he doesn't understand.

Did you have a normal summer where you live? Our's sucked. Rain and wind / More rain and wind.

Ginx said...

I bet the act of praying actually has a positive benefit for some, much like "staying positive" can make people feel better, thereby giving them reason to fight on through an illness.

In the church of Spam, you MUST eat meat on Fridays!

Ginx said...

Wait... is Spam even meat?

SmartLX said...

Spam is meat, to a certain extent. It's saturated with gelatin, salt and fat, but there's ham in there somewhere.

The point is that there are people who believe in God on the basis of no more evidence than he has to believe in the divinity of the spam. We're agreed in the case of the spam that there is zero actual evidence, so what's different about believing in God because you got better all by yourself?

Makarios said...

there are people who believe in God on the basis of no more evidence than he has to believe in the divinity of the spam."

I don't believe that. I've certainly never met anyone like that and I know A LOT of Christians.

That's just more atheist ignorance.

SmartLX said...

Here's a woman who uses the fact that she woke from a coma after people prayed for her as evidence for God.

I'm sure you can Google many more.

normdoering said...

Does anyone have a link to that youtube video?

It's been a long time since I saw it.