Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Change Me - Please!

Before Jesus becomes our guide, we are generally drawn to things that are destructive to our well-being. Destructive thoughts, relationships, behaviours. Healthy thoughts, relationships and behaviours almost repulse us. They seem boring and gross.

After Jesus comes into our lives, we begin to find attractive life-giving and life-enhancing thoughts, relationships and behaviours.

That only makes sense since we were created to live abundantly even in the face of forces that are out to destroy us.


Tristan Vick said...

This is, however, purely speculation on your part.

Can you quote any studies or tests which suggest the depravity of, say, good peaceful Japanese Buddhists for example? Or how about the Buddhists who thrived for over six centuries before the birth of the Nazarene?
They obviously were on the right path to enlightenment, after all, they taught themselves to read and write while the Israelites were still lost in the desert (if you want to put it in perspective).

Also you make sweeping claims about an innate morality and then change the subject and talk about social ethics.

At any rate, I think your comments and opinions needs better support.

cougs said...

what utter bollocks...I find that atheists and humanist are way more interesting, unbigoted, freethinking, open for debate, friendlier, generous, accepting of other peoples differences and less ruled by hatred and arrogance than any follower of an abrahamic religion.

I suspect you have a rather large dose of that religious "I believe and know better than you"..and don't choose to socialise with people who dare to believe differently..

get a life.