Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Offer of Mercy

Two thousand years ago, God came to earth in a form that we could recognise and understand. He came to offer us mercy and grace.

Our response was to spit in His face. We pulled out His beard, beat Him with fists and rods and whips until He was unrecognisable. Then we hung Him naked on a Roman cross until dead.

Surprisingly, from a human perspective, HIS offer of mercy and grace still stands.

One day soon, too soon for many, Jesus will gather to Himself and bring safely home those who have accepted that offer.

I hope to see you there.

Because Creator God is all powerful, He CAN rid the cosmos of evil

Because Creator God is all good, He WILL rid the cosmos of evil

Because Creator God is using the consequences of evil to change humankind, and to separate those for and against Him, evil is still present

Creator God has told us ahead of time so that no one will be taken by surprise, that one day soon He CAN and WILL rid the cosmos of evil, including those who have decided to side with evil and rebel against their Creator.


Tristan Vick said...

Truthfully, this post makes no sense to me. It sounds like a sermon, like street corner preaching, very Evangelical in nature.

Do you mind me asking what denomination you are? If it's too personal a question, then I'll understand. I'm just curious.

Makarios said...

It IS preachy. How can I believe what I believe and not tell others about the salvation that God is offering?

Well, we aren't really any denomination, but we attend a Bible Church because, well, when we moved to this community three years ago we tried it and can't find any reason to leave.

Congregations / people are pretty much the same everywhere so the only thing to go by is does the Church minister to the community / poor and needy in a concrete manner and does it hold to the truth of the Bible. Both were true so we stayed.

Tristan Vick said...

I myself attended various Protestant sects, mainly Assemblies of God, but also Baptist, and in my later years I got serious about learning scripture and joined a Messianic Jewish group called Little Beth Israel. I studied under Rabbi Banes and learned more about the Bible than I ever did under the more Fundamental strands of my Christian faith.

While I was in college I joined Campus Crusade for Christ, and I met (my then favorite), Christian apologist, Josh McDowell (I met him a few years later too).

I also worked with various Christian Ministries outside of Seattle, WA, for a few years, and I was a Youth Minister/Counselor at a few Christian Bible camps where I preached to the children God's word, because I was passionate about spreading the "good news" about the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

Then I had a discussion with the Historian James D. Tabor, author of "The Jesus Dynasty" who challenged me to learn about the history instead of simply circulate the standard fare apologetica. A few years later Professor Tabor sent me an open invite to accompany him on a research dig in the Holy City. A genuine archeological dig in Jerusalem was a life long dream of mine, but alas, my wife and I were getting ready for our first child and I, sadly, had to pass up the offer.

Somewhere between the first part and the last of that story, I became an atheist. But I don't resent Christianity... as so many Christians seem to think.

Although, after long and hard consideration, I do find faults with it. But that's only after some training in that area, including Higher Criticism.

Well, I guess I shared too much. Sorry if I bored you.

Makarios said...

"Sorry if I bored you."

Not even close. That's an amazing journey. But I'm still confused because of what you said on a different post. It sounds as though you're saying that you're an atheist who resents the implication that you are not indwelt by the Holy Spirit. Yes? No?