Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Eternity and Matter

Eternal does not mean existing forever, at least not necessarily. It does mean existing outside of time. That is another reason we can know that matter has not existed for eternity because matter and energy cannot precede themselves. They cannot precede themselves because “Coming Into Being” is an essential and objective feature of time.

Time, Space, Energy, Matter and the Laws of Physics that govern the constants and qualitities that were in place prior to Planck time came into existence at the Big Bang.


Tristan Vick said...

I find fault with your hypothesis. You speak of time as if it were not relative, but we all know that E=MC squared.

You're concept of time is incorrect. I suggest you track down Ian Morison's Gresham college lectures and watch them.

Adam L Clardy said...

"Ian Morrison says" isn't a very good argument.
The post is interesting in your view of the afterlife taking place outside of time. Which modern quantum theory is consistently showing must be plausible. There must be another 'where'.
But... matter is still created even today. And not from energy. It's been observed coming into existence in laboratories. And promptly annihilating itself. Peculiar.

Tristan Vick said...

Adam L Clardy-- Was your comment about "Ian Morrison says" directed at me? I merely referred Makarios to Ian Morrison's lectures because he has specialized in the field of atomic time and nuclear time as well as solar time.

And my reference to Einstein's theory of relativity was because matter, energy, and the speed of light all are interrelated... and affect time accordingly.

Adam L Clardy said...

Yes, the "Ian Morrison says" was directed at you. Not because I thought it was a dumb argument or that he doesn't know what he's talking about, but because it's irrelevant. It misses the point. Makarios isn't talking about time in this universe, this... plane of existence I guess. But a plane where time doesn't exist.
And I fully understand relativity and don't think I mentioned it. But again, it's irrelevant. My question is this, can we prove or disprove the 'soul' or 'spirit' and is it made of matter? If it is not, then relativity has no effect on it. Which leads to more questions and more learning and a better understanding of the universe we live in. Or universes?