Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Where Is It Written?

Where is it written that only one group of people can celebrate what's important to them on any given day? I ask because every year around this time atheist begin to voice their frustration that Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus on a day that pagans have traditionally done their thing. Atheists seem personally offended that this is happening. It's like Christians were supposed to ask atheists for permission to celebrate Jesus' birth and we just neglected to do so.

And so I wonder. Is there some kind of rule somewhere that says only one day per group. Or is this just another example of the childish thinking that seems to go hand in hand with atheism?


Chris Mackey said...

I'm not frustrated or offended that Christianity had to absorb some Pagan ideas to spread. The Pagans probably got their ideas for somewhere else too.

tinkbell13 said...

They did, Egyptian and Greek mythology. All that the Bible is is rewritten Egyptian mythology dumbed down for the masses. And, I would be happy to supply the source of that generalization. But, why bother? The same bland simplification will continue to permeate this blog.

Christmas is offensive. If you have a Christian home, keep it to your home and churches. Why should the rest of the general public be subjected to it? And, "not just the childish mind of the atheist" (you wish), but also people of other faiths such as Jews and Muslims. They do not enforce their symbols on the public during Ramadan or Hannukah. Wake up.

Gorth Satana said...

Greek mythology.

The influence of Greek ideas is obvious. A comparison of the books written "meeting" the Greeks and the books after easily shows this influence.

Now, I don't find Christmas offensive. In the same way I don't find having the days of the week named after Roman gods offensive. (Or mostly Germanic gods for the English days of the week)

Gandolf said...

Strangly i almost always seemed to basically feel much the same as Kevin Wilson did really when it came to christmas.

Except for me it was always because folks in our church were NOT allowed to celebrate christmas.Because of it being originally a pagan belief!.

As a kid sometimes i think we kind of might even have felt like swearing quite a bit like Kevin bloody Wilson too!!,specially when all the other neighbourhood kids were all opening their presents ..l.o.l

Some even rode new f**king bikes !,crikey? where were ours gone?

In my opinion though, seems christmas may now have become more and more commercialized and meterialistic, its moved away from just celebrating being together.

Which is all it really is NOW isnt it because didnt the Church use it because they wanted to convert the pagans of Europe to Christianity, and as a way of doing so, they established a Christian religious meaning to the important and popular celebration of the winter solstice.Thats a very very comercialized tactic!

Wasnt it originally about all family and community etc celebrating still being together and the arrival of spring and longer days?.

Almost seems like maybe the Christians take over of the celebration date as being kind of like making use of a marketing plan, to secure the right of HOPEFULLY being soon thought of as "the" base/birth of the community/family.