Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Occam’s Razor

The odds of our mathematically precise, finely tuned, life sustaining universe coming into being by accident is so astronomically improbable that it’s been described as randomly throwing a dart at the universe and hitting the correct proton.

Now, if that in fact happened, as is the case for our universe, you have two options to consider:

1) Something outside of nature or something Supernatural caused this to happen. In other words it was rigged to happen, or

2) There are an infinite number of universes that over an infinite amount of time with an infinite number of possible constants and quantities that finally resulted in a life sustaining universe such as ours.

Which would a rational person abiding by Occam’s razor use? Number one

Which would an atheist choose abiding by Occam’s razor? Number two.

As long as it keeps out Creator God, no hypothesis is too complicated, no amount of evidence too absent for atheists.

In reality, our universe is deigned for life because Someone designed it that way.


Tristan D. Vick said...

Occam's Razor is a critical tool of deduction and analysis. It's quite separate from Quantum probabilities. I'm actually a little confused by what you're trying to say here.

Is there a more distinct point you are trying to state, or is it simply a reiteration of your 'big bang' article? Or, perhaps reiteration is the wrong word, an addendum if you will?

Occam's razor doesn't leave you with just two options either. You give us only two options and then ask which one we will apply Occam's razor to. That's illogical.

First you need to clarify, why are there only two options? Couldn't there be an infinite amount of probabilities? And then that's when Occam's razor comes in. Unless you're saying it's already been weeded down to just those two.. but where's your support? Making a quaint analogy doesn't suffice as proper, or even rigorous, empirical evidence.

Although, I think you have an interesting idea brewing somewhere in here. If you could flesh it out and make it easier for a dunce like me to understand, maybe we could have an engaging discussion about it.

Makarios said...

This is a personal blog Tristan, not a peer review session, not a college paper.

I've narrowed it down to what atheists say (fantastically complicated with zero evidential support) and what I say (uncomplicated and going where the evidence points).

tinkbell13 said...

've narrowed it down to what atheists say (fantastically complicated with zero evidential support) and what I say (uncomplicated and going where the evidence points).

Wow, if that does not say it all, I dont know what does.

Makarios said...

thank you. I didn't think you'd notice something like that.

Atheists say, "I don't believe in God because there isn't any evidence for His existence." However there is no evidence for a multi verse but they happily believe in that.

Atheism - absurd, incoherent, illogical.

Chris Mackey said...

Next time I say something stupid (hey, even Einstein said stupid things) I'll just answer: "This is a personal comment, not a peer review session, not a college paper".
Phew. Thanks for the all-purpose "can say anything-without backing it up" answer!

Makarios: absurd, incoherent, illogical.

Christianity: absurd, incoherent, illogical. And evil.