Friday, November 6, 2009

Not here, Not there, Not anywhere

And certainly not in Jerusalem. Not for one day. Not even for one hour was the body of Jesus claimed to remain in the tomb after the resurrection had taken place. Right from the beginning, enemies of Christianity insisted that the tomb was empty because, they said, the disciples had stolen the body. If they had known where the body was, they most certainly would have produced it.

The resurrection was denied but never, not once did anyone try to deny that the body of Jesus remained where He was buried.

In beautiful irony atheists howl in protest that Jesus’ biographies weren’t written the day after He was crucified. Because of that atheists say we can trust the documents. Yet, from a position of thousands of years later, atheists proffer explanations for the empty tomb and they fully expect people to believe those theories. No one at the time of Jesus’ resurrection would have dared to propose such ridiculous scenarios for these simple reasons:
a) Jesus’ followers had no opportunity, nor power, nor inclination to move the body
b) Jesus’ enemies had no reason to move the body.
c) The execution and burial took place right there in Jerusalem. Any deception would have been found out immediately.
d) That Man was as dead and any person can be. He did not walk away.

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Tristan Vick said...

I suggest you engage, or at least acquaint yourself, with some Higher Criticism.