Tuesday, November 3, 2009

That is Hard!

So one of my kids turns nine today. My wife asked him what kind of a cake he wanted and he said, "A castle." I heard my wife groan and, being the awesome husband that I am, I said, "I'll do it." How hard can it be - right?

What a mess. I don't know how much cake decorators make but whatever it is, it ain't enough.

I just turned in my chair to have another look at it and burst out laughing. Hope my kid can do the same 'cause it's really, really bad.


Gandolf said...

Mak just make sure to take photo`s.

Because i think the cake will still taste just fine on the ninth birthday.

But im picking the fact you had a go at making a castle, will mean extra heaps in good memories later on.

Makarios said...

Ya, he took a look at the cake and I was about to start apologising and he says, "That looks really good dad." And he wasn't joking. Weird.