Friday, November 27, 2009

Human LIght

This is interesting. For decades now, atheists have worked themselves into a frenzy and outrage over the thought that Christians are celebrating the coming of Jesus to the world on a day that pagans have also celebrated something or other.

"It can't be done!"
say the atheists.

"Only one group per day!" announce the sceptics.

Incensed that Christians celebrate anything, anywhere, anytime, atheists thought this would be the perfect excuse to do away with Christmas celebrations.

"Pagans already own Dec. 25th."

Well to each his own, I guess. Except, atheists have invented something called Human Light. It's a secular celebration that is held on, wait for it, December 25th. I'm not sure how this game is played but it appears that two groups celebrating on the same day is bad. Three groups celebrating on the same day is good.

Atheists. Their philosophy is cute but it's hard to keep up with the rule changes.


Matthew J Peterson said...

All atheism says is there is no God. That's all it says.

Glen20 said...

All atheists have is a lack of belief in gods.

I for one don't care if everyone has holiday on the same day.

Glen20 said...

Has anyone ever mentioned that you employ strawmen to argue against?

Makarios said...

No Glen. No one has ever said that before.