Monday, January 25, 2010

Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow is glad that his mother didn’t kill him.

Ignoring her doctor’s suggestion that she abort her fifth child, Tim’s mother gave birth to her son instead. Today, Tim is a star athlete and by all accounts a fine man.

He is also glad to be alive.

He wants to tell people that he’s glad to be alive.

Some people don’t want that to happen.

Jemhu Greene, president of the Women's Media Center and representing secular (secular = Demanding a separation from God in all areas of life) people of the world, said the pro family ad that is scheduled to air during the Super Bowl is ACTUALLY an anti abortion ad. Of course. Pro family equals anti abortion.

Secularists don’t want anything supporting the life of the pre born being seen on national television.

Sad - but predictable.


Anonymous 3 said...

Another sad - but predictable - thought vomit from Makarios.

Hitler was glad he wasn't aborted.
Didn't he go on to ban abortions for the German people?

ANonymous 1 said...

Noooooooooo! I got my number mixed up. How could I forget I'm "ANONYMOUS NUMBER 1"? I should have been aborted.

Anonumous #2 said...

You suck, number 1.

Anon #3 said...

- Good thing you noticed ur mistake Anon #1 because I was about to sue u and your mother for not getting an abortion!!

- #2 is jealous

- Makarios did not use the words Atheist/Atheism in this post, weird, cause I thought they were the ones who invented abortions and intented it to be used by any mother who was not happy with the hair color of her coming child, or other important things like that u know