Monday, January 25, 2010

Back Again

Good weekend at the hockey tournament. The kids did really good - came in second. Had to spend an extra night at the hotel because of a nasty storm. Travelling from the hotel to the rink was treacherous and the other families were sooo nice, so attentive, caring. It was then that I realised -

‘I’m thirty years older than these other parents of their nine-year-olds. They’re taking care of the elderly man in the group; making sure that the old man is ok.’

It was nice in a weird sort of way.

The logistics of five little kids in a hockey rink in a different city for three days was not doable so Wendy stayed home with the other kids. Our town got the same storm as the one that kept me away. While I was gone, someone came over and shovelled the driveway for Wendy.

I’ve sure been blessed with knowing a lot of nice people.

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