Friday, January 8, 2010

I Just Can’t Get It!!

Distinguishing the difference between Something and Nothing is absolutely beyond the grasp of atheists. This becomes a problem because the universe - which includes everything - came from nothing. But that means that Everything came from Nothing without a Natural cause. (no natural cause because nothing natural existed).

At some level, even atheists know that’s not “naturally” possible. That’s why for atheists, the term “nothing” HAS to mean something really, really, really, really small. Does one laugh or cry?

Here’s what we know both philosophically and scientifically. For our universe to exist:

Either Matter is eternal or a Supernatural (outside of nature) Cause is eternal.

Those are our two choices. And no - when there are only two choices, it is not a false dichotomy. This is when atheists say, “Well if something created the universe, what created the creator?” This is said as though it’s a show stopper. It isn’t. It’s just a question that is asked for no other reason than, in this case at least, the atheist’s hope that it will protect h/her world-view?”

It won’t - for nothing entailing reason and logic can protect the absurd and illogical atheist world-view. Think about it! If understanding the origin of a cause, was a requirement for knowing the something being studied, then all science would come a screeching halt.

That is why atheists are unable and unwilling to answer the questions:
. Why is it that, according to atheists, matter doesn't need a cause but a supernatural cause does?

. Why is it that, according to atheists, matter can be eternal but a supernatural cause can't?

The atheist rejection of an eternal (without cause) supernatural Cause is simply an arbitrary ruling geared to preserving an incoherent world-view. Standing solidly on the irrational, atheists, who have a priori rejected the possibility of there existing anything beyond nature, have only one option and that is to say, as one atheist said to me, “I’m right because I say so.”

Atheists - they just can’t get it.


Anonymous said...

I don't know therefore it's supernatural?

Ginx said...

Let's not even get into the debate regarding whether this supernatural force must be Yahweh...

West said...

Of course it's Yahweh.
Since HE is the only true GOD, it has to be HIM. What's wrong with you?

Makarios said...

Let's not even get into the debate regarding whether this supernatural force must be Yahweh"

Why not? It'll help you avoid answering the questions.

Kit 10 said...

This is the first post I've read from this site.
It neatly sums up why we as Christians can prove there was never any "Big Bang".
I'll most surely be reading the other posts.
Athiest myth of the Big Bang - BUSTED!