Monday, January 18, 2010

No Reason

Those immersed in scientism / materialism would have you believe that spiritual experiences, what people take to be a connection with Creator God are nothing more than delusions, untrustworthy. Why? Because in atheist world the non material does not exist, cannot exist, must not exist.

To say that only the material exists is to say that Constantine, Copernicus, Augustine, Kepler, Loyola, Galileo, Teresa of Avila, Brahe, Calvin, Descartes, Pascal, Boyle, Bunyan, Newton, Wesley, Leibniz, Whitefield, Mersenne, Jonathon Edwards, Faraday, Herschel, Elizabeth Bayley Seton, Joule, Finney, Kelvin, Sojourner Truth, Ohm, Livingston, Ampere, Spurgeon, Pasteur, Tolstoy, Mendel, Booth, Billy Sunday, Steno, Evelyn Underhill, Gassendi, Schweitzer, C.S. Lewis, Lin Yutang, Waugh, Hammarskjold, Simone Weil, Merton, Muggeridge, Eldridge Cleaver, plus billions of others were and are all wrong about their spiritual experiences.

I said in the post “I’m an Atheist that science is not only built on philosophy, it’s built upon bad philosophy, a self defeating philosophy.

Philosophy is a collection of ideas, information and theories compiled in an effort to understand or to make sense of various areas of life. These are the same ideas, information and theories upon which science rests. To suggest that ideas, logic, consciousness and information exist while not being material leads atheists to make rather peculiar statements in a hopelessly futile effort to make atheism cohere with reality.

For example, leaders in the atheist community would have you believe that YOU, the you that is reading this and contemplating what it means is just an illusion. Purist materialists, those who are not just dabbling in atheism because it makes them feel good in a perverse manner, HAVE to believe that YOU do not exist, that your choices are not choices, that your consciousness is not consciousness but an illusion.

Atheists tell us they live by reason alone. This is more than just a tad ironic since the atheist’s reasoning is based upon faith. After all, to defend reason by the means of reason is circular thinking and as any atheist worth h/her salt knows, circular reasoning is worthless.

Here is what we know:
. Our ability to reason came from a preexisting intelligent agent - OR
. Our ability to reason came from mindless matter

Atheists have to believe, they are forced to believe, they have no other choice than to believe, BY FAITH no less that our ability to reason came from mindless matter. Why faith? Because there is no evidence to support the conclusions that atheists have drawn. In fact, the conclusions drawn by atheists CONTRADICT our observations.

- Consistent observation tells us that specified, complex, formulated, coded information ONLY comes from Intelligent Agents.

- Consistent observation tells us that the effect cannot be greater than its cause.

- Consistent observation tells us that it is impossible to give something that you don’t have, YET atheist materialists believe that inanimate, inorganic, mindless, unintelligent matter produced intelligent life, intelligent life that is capable of reason and logic.

It makes much more sense to those of us who haven’t limited our search for truth to only a very narrow band of evidence, that our minds are able to comprehend truth and reason because they were designed by the Creator of truth and reason.

As the series on Intelligent Agents (first post, “Nothing Did It) showed, materialism cannot explain the presence of a specified, complex, coded instructions found in each and every cell. Neither can materialism explain our ability to reason, to use logic, to process information and draw relevant conclusions. Instead, atheists are forced to say that reason and consciousness are an illusion.

There’s no scientific reason for them to say that, but they have to say it anyway.


Strawman Atheist said...

Reason and consciousness are an illusion.

There’s no scientific reason for me to say that, but I have to say it anyway.

Zzzst said...

Makarios has strung a pile of fallacies together - from agrument from authority to the strawman argument.
It needs a few insults to spice it up though.

It's funny that you'd have the name Jonathon Edwards on your list because that's the name of the presenter of the Christian tv show "Songs of Praise" who quit after realising Christianity was B.S.

Zzzst said...

(Of course I know which Edwards you are referring to.)

Makarios said...

SA - That's funny. Thank you. A good way to start the day.

z - Of course.

Phil said...

"Because in atheist world the non material does not exist, cannot exist, must not exist."

So basically your argument is that the people who say that only stuff that exists, exists, are wrong, and that in fact, stuff that doesn't exist, also exists?

Makarios said...

stuff that doesn't exist, also exists?"

I almost made the mistake of thinking this was meant to be funny. And it did make me smile. I hope it was a joke, but I've learned that when working with atheists, "Take nothing for granted."

What I mean is, not everything that exists is detectable by the senses. There is more to life than what meets the eye.

Zzzst said...

Isn't Makarios' argument atheists think all objects are material so they don't consider some objects could be non material.

Anonymous said...

Keep posting stuff like this i really like it