Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Atheism and Value

I said in “When Atheists Ask” that some atheists attempt to attribute to themselves X amount of value or worth. Yet, if our existence is meaningless, and on atheism, human existence has no ultimate meaning, then neither does one’s life have inherent value. Of course atheists attempt to "give" their lives value and meaning, but that is just another example of the inconsistency and absurdity of atheists. On atheism there simply CANNOT be organisms evolving in a blind process of bio chemical exchanges, somehow "possessing" value and meaning. Yes, if you wish to borrow from the Christian culture in which you grew up, then by all means do so. Just don't allow yourselves to think yourself consistent, logical and rational.

If, as is true on atheism that a good person’s destiny is the same as that of a bad person, if the end of your meaningless existence is the same regardless of behaviour, then you may as well follow the lead of Ayn Rand and make a virtue of selfishness. Value others only to the extent that they enhance the quality of your short existence on this earth. No one is a better judge of your needs and wants than you, so live as you please. Indeed, as Richard Dawkins has pointed out, it would be foolish to live for anyone but yourself. After all, on atheism, moral obligations do not exists and morality itself comes from no one but ourselves.

“We have not been able to show that reason requires the moral point of view, or that all really rational persons, unhoodwinked by myth or ideology, need not be individual egoists or classical amoralists. Reason doesn’t decide here. The picture I have painted for you is not a pleasant one. Reflection on it depresses me. Pure practical reason, even with a good knowledge of the facts, will not take you to morality.” Kai Nielsen, “Why Should I Be Moral?” 90

On atheism, men and women face a valueless existence devoid of ultimate meaning. The degree of yours or anyone else’s value is based upon personal and group preference and conditioning, that is likely to change with very little notice. On atheism, there is no moral obligation to value anyone but yourself.

“The concept of moral obligation is unintelligible apart from the idea of God. The words remain but their meaning is gone.” Taylor, “Ethics, Faith, and Reason” 84

On atheism there is only a bare valueless fact of existence and there is no one to say that you are right and I am wrong. There is no one to say that you or anyone else has or does not have value, nothing beyond the arbitrary whim and preference of the moment.

On atheism, life has no ultimate value.


PersonalFailure said...

And yet, quite amazingly, we're not running around murdering people. In fact, atheists are quite law-abiding, better at keeping their marriages together, donate and give time to charity, and generally act like anyone else.

It's almost like you don't need a book of Bronze Age myths to give your life, and others' lives, meaning.

Ginx said...

...and yet atheists commit less crime. They even have lower divorce rates.

I think your theories are full of shit, Mak. Nothing more to say.

Makarios said...

So say the people living in a society with more money, more food, better health care etc. etc. etc. that anyone else in the world. People who need to compete for nothing talking about the how they value others is a joke.

You guys are like anarchists living in America and saying how terrible stable democracies are.

I say, move em all to Samolia to experience the joys of anarchy.

Zzzst said...

Okay, I'll bite. How does Christianity make life on earth have inherent value?
And how does Christianity make you more moral?

Makarios said...

Okay, I'll bite. How does Christianity make life on earth have inherent value?

It doesn't

And how does Christianity make you more moral?

It doesn't

Zzzst said...

(Still biting the bait)
So what are the point of the last three posts?

Anonymous said...

Rod hates you and wants you to feel bad?