Saturday, August 22, 2009

Why The Good?

Do you ever wonder about that? I write so often about the evil in the world but in reality it is just as great a wonder as to why there is good, and beauty and admirable things. If the universe, the world and we ourselves are just accidents of nature, why is there anything that is praise worthy and pure and lovely? We don't need those things for survival. Why do we recognise and long for excellence? Why do we strive for the perfect?

Other animals don’t behave this way. Other animals do enough to make it to the next day and that’s it. Not so with humans. Why? I believe it's because at some level we know that we were created for more than this. I believe we know at some level that something more than this exists. We long for eternity. Its echo courses through our veins and compels us to reach beyond our grasp.

I love you Lord. Thank you.


The Atheist Missionary said...

You just fell into a logical hole. Google "God of Eth".

feeno said...


Just wanted to come by and let you know that I had my daughter paste your Post from Wednesday Aug. 12, 2009 titled "Not Again" and sent it to a friend of mine's site. Hope you don't mind, it was very good. It was Jeff's site you commented on the other day.

let me know if what I did was OK or not.

thanks, feeno

Makarios said...

Ya, sure.

Makarios said...

God of the Eth:

Law needed to have worked in at least two items:
. Evil god indwelling people so that they can endure the good with which they were born, yet grow in their degree of evil year by year,

. Evil god coming to earth to live out an evil life in the face of all the good He is forced to encounter. And in the end, of course, this God / man is somehow loved to death.

Makarios said...

As well, I don't think either scenario is particulary ridiculous. It's just that Steven Law's version does not cohere with what we observe and experience. Whereas "original good" being later perverted by evil does cohere with what we observe.