Friday, August 14, 2009

Is Burning Women to Death Wrong?

Until Christianity forced it to stop, it used to be the custom in India that when a man died and was cremated, his wife / widow would be bound to the funeral pyre and she would be burned to death right along side her deceased husband.

Different cultures are funny that way. We in the West find a custom like that to be rather distasteful. I suppose that’s because we’ve been hindered by Christianity which people like Dawkins, Hitchens, Harris and Dennett ALL say, holds back progress in its many and varied forms.

At any rate, millions of women owe their very lives to the fact that atheism has not held sway in its moral dictum that What’s right for you is right for you and What’s right for me is right for me.

As atheist philosopher Michael Ruse tells us, “Morality is a corporate illusion that has been fobbed off on us by our genes to get us to cooperate.” Michael Ruse, “Evolutionary Ethics: A Phoenix Arisen,” in Issues and Evolutionary Ethics, ed. Paul Thompson (Albany, NY: Suny Press, 1995), 235.

So, is burning women to death wrong? How about female genital mutilation or genocide, or “unfair” discrimination? As you can see, according to atheists, it all depends on your point of view and of course, on whether you have the Might to make it Right.


PersonalFailure said...

Are Crusades okay? What about misogyny? Stoning adulterers, homosexuals and obstreperous children to death, are those okay?


Makarios said...

obstreperous children to death"

This is not a good time to ask me about the kids

Flute said...

As you can see, according to atheists, it all depends on your point of view and of course, on whether you have the Might to make it Right.

In your worldview, are certain acts immoral because your god says they are?

Makarios said...


JD Curtis said...

Are Crusades okay?

Nice, we only have them once every 1000 years or so. Wat to stay current.

What about misogyny?

When you did a comparative study of women's rights in countries that are or until very recently were Christian and stacked it up against atheist regimes and Muslim nations, where did women enjoy greater freedoms and opportunity for advancement?

Stoning adulterers,



in the West are the most sexually liberated individuals on planet Earth. What is their average life expectancy when compared to heterosexuals?

obstreperous children

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Anonymous said...

Dicky Dawkins used to get his willie pulled by his teacher, in school.

He called it "mild pedophilia!

Christy Hitchens was AC/DC

Did these habits effect their idea of an all seeing God?