Monday, June 1, 2009

Over at atheist nexus:

Someone made the comment: “The idea of a god sentencing someone to an eternity of "hell" is so laughable that it shouldn't even cross our minds.”

That comment was in response to a genuine appeal for help from a budding atheist regarding thoughts like, “What if Christianity is right?” Some help.

Let me ask, Is it laughable that someone might choose to deny the existence of Creator God or any concept of the supernatural? Is it laughable that someone might actually WANT to live without God in their lives? That’s not too laughable is it? People do it all the time. Atheist Nexus is reserved for people who do exactly that. In fact the percentage of those who choose to live like that has rocketed all the way up to 1.6% of the population in the U.S..

Or how about this? Is it laughable to believe something is correct and then weeks, months or years later decide that you were wrong all along? That’s not too laughable is it? People do it all the time. I mean, has your life been completely free of errors in judgement? Probably not. So what’s my point? My point is this.

God doesn’t “send” people to hell. Hell is simply the place where people will go if they have CHOSEN to deny God's existence and in all probability it will be the destination for the children of atheists who have believed their parent's teaching that God does not exist. Hell is simply the end of the road that you've CHOSEN to travel on for the duration of your life on earth. If you get on a bus that says it's headed to Denver, in all likelihood you're going to end up in Denver. Nobody made you go to Denver. You made the choice to go there by getting on that particular bus.

This is not rocket science, although it is a spiritual reality. You’re either on the road to hell or you’re on the road to heaven. Deciding to deny God in your life is a decision to go to hell. You may not like it but it's a decision nevertheless. In John 3:18,36 we are told that we BEGIN life ON the road to hell and if we do nothing about that, well, that’s where we’ll end up. So, unless you are really, really, really confident that 98% of the people in the world are wrong about there being a Supreme Being, I’d say you have good reason to ponder the wisdom of your choice to live the rest of your earthly existence denying God's existence.


PersonalFailure said...

argument to consequences followed by an argument to popularity. meh.

Makarios said...

So telling people that by getting on the bus to Denver they'll in all likelihood wind up in Denver is not allowed in the atheist world?

By telling people that 99.9% of the people who purchased a ticket to Denver actually wound up in Denver is not allowed in the atheist world?

The Atheist Missionary said...

OK, I'll drink your kool-aid. I'm going to hell because I've chosen to live without God in my life. Thank-you for the frank admission that we're all on the road to either heaven or hell. Please tell me which of the following will be joining me in Hades:

1. All Roman Catholics;

2. All Mormons;

3. All Muslims;

4. All Scientologists;

5. All Buddhists;

6. All Jews;

7. [My personal favorite] The bush pygmy who lived a saintly life but never heard anything about the Bible, or any other religion.

8. [a close second] Adolf Hitler, assuming that he repented his sins and accepted Jesus Christ as his prsonal saviour just before he shot himself in the mouth.

9. Aborted fetuses.

10. Infants and children who die before they can understand the concept of Jesus or God

feeno said...

Hello Atheist Missionary

Catholics recite something every time they are at Mass. It is called the Apostles Creed. And if that is their statement of Faith and they have chosen Christ as Lord then you wont be seeing any of them in hell.

There is a small but growing group of Messianic Jews who will be joining those Catholics to be with the Lord.

I also believe your bush Pygmy friend will be with the Lord if he lived a saintly life as you suggest. 1 John 2:2 Christ is enough to cover the sins of the whole world. Also he will judge righteously, Rev. 19:11. God has set eternity in the hearts of men. Ecc. 3:11. So if our pygmy friend looks at his surroundings and nature and realises there is a God
Rom. 1:20 and because of that his conscience shows that he should act "saintly" he will also join those Jews and Catholics in heaven.

Fetuses, young children,and those people with mental problems will also be joining that group with the Lord. People like me believe in an age of accountability doctrine. King David tells why he isn't morning for his infant son after he dies. 2 Sam.12:21-23, and once again God is merciful and righteous.

But when it is all said and done King Jesus will be the final judge.

BTW I can only speak for my own beliefs, I thank Mak for this space, however he probably has different opinions? I can't speak for any denominations because who the hell am I?

But I do wish people like yourself (with all due respect) would worry a little more about themselves then some bush Pygmy.

BTW the Holy Spirit can reveal himself anywhere and at anytime to anyone on your list. He doesn't need some Missionary.

I do believe that Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God. But I wont limit God to reveal himself to anyone, including Atheists.

P.S. Is their an Atheist Missionary position?

Adios amigo, feeno

The Atheist Missionary said...

Thanks feeno, does that mean that the rest of my list will be joining me in hell? Just wondering because I want to make sure I have enough cigars.

feeno said...

W'dup Ath. mis.

I'm a Macanudo guy myself, but I smoke cheap cigars on a regular basis. Hava-Tampa Jewell's sweet. I smoke about one a day, they have wood tips and taste good? Most real cigar smokers kinda look down on me. When I have a little extra cash, I'll go to the local tobacco shop, and when I'm walking around the humidor I feel like a fish out of water? But I will buy 1 or 2 Mac's. Sorry about that. I'm real bored today, maybe next time I'll tell you about what kind of cereal I like.

Peace, feeno

Makarios said...

What feeno said, except for the cigar part.