Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I cain't hep it!

The doctor's office phoned to say my bloodwork results were back and that the doctor wanted me to come and see him.

When I walked into the office there were thirteen people ahead of me. One woman was talking on her phone and telling someone how long she'd been waiting. Another woman was at the desk asking, "How much longer will it be?"

I stepped into the pharmacy and bought a bottle of O.J. I sat down, cranked open the juice, took two swallows and someone called my name. It couldn't be, I thought. But there it was again. Sure 'nuff, that's my name alright. As I was walking into the back with the nurse someone said, "He just got here!"

Hey, honey. I cain't hep it if I'm lucky.

Oh, and as far as the tests go? The doc must have just bought a new boat or something 'cause everything is fine. I guess you could call me a health conscious individual - Pfft!

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