Sunday, June 14, 2009

Chuck does it!

I’ve heard this story before but was reminded of it again this morning.

Most parents know the heartache of seeing their child be rejected by friends or see the pain in the child’s eyes as they’ve been left out of something or not be invited along. Well, one little boy like this was Chuck. Chuck was in grade one and every day his parents had to watch him walk to school all by himself as the other kids consistently went on ahead or physically kept him out of their circle.

Teachers have become pretty good at avoiding this situation now, but Chuck lived back in the day when you could actually get only one or two valentines while the popular kid could get one from everyone in class. As the story goes, a week or two before Valentine’s day, Chuck told his mother that he wanted to make 20 valentines for every kid in his class. His mother sighed and put a hand to her breast as she could imagine little Chuck not getting even one valentine. Nevertheless she helped her son work his little heart out to get the valentines ready. On the morning of the big day, Chuck carefully packed all his valentines into his school bag and off he went. At the end of the day, Chuck’s mom waited anxiously at the door for her little boy to come home from school. As he can running up the driveway she could hear him saying to himself, “Not one. Not a single one.”

“Oh no,” she thought. “My worst fears have come true.”

However when she asked Chuck about his day, he grinned at her and said, “I didn’t miss a single one. Every single kid in my class got a valentine from me.”

This is how Jesus sees us. God's plan, from before the creation of the world was that Jesus would not miss a single person on earth with His love. Even while we were still His enemies. Even while we were deliberately rejecting Him, Jesus provided a means of bringing us safely home. God's love is a love that is only interested in giving. Every single person on earth, including you, has been given Jesus offer of salvation. Every single person on earth, including you, has been given God’s love in the form or Jesus.

It's pretty silly to refuse the offer of the single best thing in the universe, the love of your Creator.

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