Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Fascinating Atheist

An atheist blogger has a section titled, “What would it take for you to believe in God?” or something along those lines. He writes, in part:
“. . . the answer really depends on what your definition of a God is. For example, I would not want the Christian God to be real having read the Bible. It is a vengeful, spiteful, angry, jealous, arrogant God who seems more interested in being worshipped like some celebrity, than guiding people down the right path.”

A little bit earlier he said that nothing, absolutely nothing could be done or could happen that would allow him to believe in a Deity, any Deity. Earlier still he acknowledged that some people are simply unable to believe. He even refers to Jesus’ comment, “Even when I rise from the dead, some people won’t believe.”

That’s cool. An atheist who is relatively honest with himself. That’s rare. And, he’s correct. In fact, unless God does the drawing, no one, not one single person will come to salvation in Jesus - John 6:44.

As far as seeing God as angry and vengeful etc. I’ve found that it really depends on which side of the fence that you’re on. As someone who has accepted God’s invitation, I’ve actually never met anyone nicer. If however you reject His offer, well, like the saying goes,

“God will be either your best friend or your worst enemy.”

It sucks to be your Creator’s enemy.

As to the comment about God being interesting in being worshipped, well that’s true. Of course God’s enemies never stop to ask why He would want that. They assume that God is like celebrities whose demand for worship lies in some deficiency within. They can only understand it from the perspective of someone on the outside looking in. The reason that God wants our worship is because that is when we are at our richest, fullest, most at peace, most at rest. When we are right with our Creator we’re firing on all cylinders.

“God wants to be worshipped more than desiring to guide people down the right path?”

Oh my, talk about selective reading. I mean think about that. He came to earth in the knowledge that He would be abused, misunderstood, mistreated, rejected, insulted, betrayed and ultimately have humanity do our absolute worst to Him FOR NO OTHER REASON than to guide us to the right path.

This blogger’s statement is nothing more than the ignorant, petulant ranting of an atheist.

This atheist may be more honest and self-aware than most, but just like all the others, he still doesn’t have a clue.


Jeff Carter said...

How does a person get the idea that Jesus is a "vengeful, spiteful, angry, jealous, arrogant God, etc"?

Jesus is the one who said that God is meek, lowly and humble. He's the one who said God is a Father that gives good gifts to his children. Jesus is the one who said that God rains on the just and the unjust and that he supplies us with what we really need. Jesus portrays God as faithful, having a stout, courageous heart, the enemy of fear, anxiety and worry. He proclaims him to be one that loves his enemies, blesses his enemies and does good to those who mistreat him. And not only did Jesus say these things about God, he lived his life that way.

For the Christian, Jesus is God. What He reveals about God trumps everything else. The problem is that we have substituted the Bible for Jesus Christ.

I've described the God of Jesus Christ on a recent post on my website, just taking Jesus' sayings from Q, something even the liberal can accept.

Makarios said...

"Jesus portrays God as the enemy of fear, anxiety and worry."

I like that!

Còmhradh said...

"It sucks to be your Creator’s enemy."

Only if said creator is also:

1) imbued with power over my destruction
2) inclined to use that power when I disagree with it

Neither of these things automatically follow the title of "creator."