Sunday, October 19, 2008

Which culture do you want influencing your nation?

I can’t imagine anyone who hasn’t heard the phrase, “Religion has no place in government.”

What that usually means is, “Members of Government should not allow their beliefs to influence how they govern.” And what that statement usually means is there should be no noticeable fallout or no observable consequences from a Christian being in office. Ya, well only an amazing degree of ignorance of human nature could allow someone to say that. To make my point, I’m going to say, ‘Under no circumstance should atheists allow their beliefs to influence how they make decisions.”

This will immediately raise the comment,"I don't have any beliefs regarding god. I lack a belief." Ok, Could you keep the consequences of your lack of belief in God out of your decision making process? And the atheist, in some cases truly believing this statement will say, "There aren't any consequences of not believing in god."

The fact is, We are what we believe and what we believe influences the decisions that we make.

Case in point. After we’d been married for 20 years, and after adopting the only two children that we had at that time, my wife became pregnant. The following is a true story.

OBGYN #1 (atheist) “I’ll arrange for you to have an abortion.”
My wife - “I don’t want an abortion.”
OBGYN #1 “Why not? You already have two children. They’re practically grown. You certainly don’t need another child at this time in your life.”
My wife - “What’s that got to do with anything? I’m pregnant. You’re a gynaecologist. Aren’t you supposed to help me with this?”
OBGYN #1 - “I’ll help terminate this pregnancy for you.”

My wife got out of the chair and said that she would arrange to see someone else. She asked around and found another gynaecologist who was known to be a Christian.

OBGYN #2 (“Christian) “Well, well. You’re about to have some big changes in your life.”
My wife - “This is not how we expected to spend our retirement, that’s for sure.”
OBGYNr #2 - You know that at your age, the likelihood of carrying this child to term is very small.
My wife - “Yes of course.
OBGYN #2 You know that the chance of birth defects are higher than normal at your age.
My wife - Yes, I know. But we’d like to leave this in God’s hands and whatever happens will happen.
OBGYN #2 - Certainly. Well let’s order an ultra sound and see where things are at.

What a difference between the atheist culture of death and the Christian culture of life. Whether we work in Government, in a doctor’s office or anywhere else, we cannot possibly keep the consequences of our beliefs out of our decisions.

The question is, Which culture do you want influencing your nation, your community, your children? We don’t need a “Christian” government. And we don’t need a government pushing Christianity onto other people. What we do need is members of our government who live lives of Christian integrity, who value life, who value families, who value those who are not valued by others.

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