Monday, October 27, 2008

“Palin is too ambitious!”

I heard that comment this morning. More and more people are coming to believe that Sarah Palin has her sights set on 2012 vs. 2008. Maybe. Maybe not. But if you think that she’s alone in striving for more, think again.

No one runs for leader of the free world without an almost unimaginable level of ambition. I mean, think about it! What kind of person would say:

I want to the President of the United States.

I could be President of the United States.

I should President of the United States.

I’m the right person for President of the United States.

I could do that.

Humility is not even close to being part of this game. Sarah Palin may be too dim to hide her ambitious character but neither Obama or McCain nor anyone else is taking second place to Palin in the high self-esteem category.


Volker The Fiddler said...

I am reminded of a story from Greek History, where, when danger from abroad threatened Greece, democracy was suspended, and a general was chosen to lead all the armies of the Greeks. After this general had led his army into victorious battle, a mere sixteen days later he refused to hold on to the vast powers granted him, and returned to his farm to till the earth. Such would make a grand president indeed, though the Age of Pericles be long past.

Makarios said...

Oh yes indeed. Too bad there can't be a rule that if you want to be a leader, that desire alone would disqualify you.

Volker The Fiddler said...

Ah, if only!